Monday, July 28, 2014

In Flight Fun for the Kids ~ Disney Themed Word Search Books

In Flight Fun for the Kids is a series of posts focused on sharing great items to pack in your child's carry on bag when flying to Disney or any other vacation destination.  Today, I am sharing yet another great find from The Dollar Tree, as well as an update to a previous post in this series.

The Dollar Tree tends to be my number one source for some of our carry on items.  On our last trip to The Dollar Tree, we found a wide selection of Disney themed word search books.  Not only did they feature some of our favorite characters, but they were smaller than regular sized coloring books or notebooks.  They would easily fit into the kids' backpacks in the front pockets without weighing them down.

Unlike the Disney-themed Play Packs, featured earlier in this series, which include their own set of crayons, you would need to also pack your own crayons or writing utensils.  The good thing is, there is no shortage of Disney themed crayons at The Dollar Tree either!  From Disney Princesses to Cars to Disney Junior characters to Monsters University, you can find crayons to suit the likes of your child.  Though, after testing out all the ones you see in the photo, I do not recommend the confetti crayons.  They crumble as you use them because the colors were not melded well together (or at least that's my non-expert opinion on why they crumble).

Back to School with Olaf, Anna, Elsa and Friends for the Frozen Blog Hop

I am very excited to be participating in the Frozen Blog Hop! You will find many posts by many bloggers talking about Frozen crafts, parties, clothes and much, much more!  Make sure you check out all the great articles in the links below!

Growing up, I always loved going back to school shopping.  I wasn't necessarily excited about all the clothes buying, but I looked forward to picking out that perfect Trapper Keeper (does this give my age away?  Do they even still sell these?), cute and colorful folders, new pencils, fun lunchbox and of course, a new backpack! Now as a mom, I still LOVE shopping for these things for my own children.  And today, compared to when I was younger, there are so many options to choose from!

My children all love Disney's Frozen (I have yet to meet someone who doesn't!) and we have been in search of bringing as many "warm hugs" and Frozen fun to our back to school shopping excursions as we can.  Unfortunately, where we live EVERYTHING is sold out.  That's right, every store in my area is clean out of anything remotely related to Anna, Elsa, Olaf and friends.  Even travelling almost an hour away to go to the larger stores, we came home with just three things ... a Frozen backpack and two lunchboxes.  Add to it, it was the LAST of the backpacks and we purchased the last two Frozen lunchboxes.  Luckily, Hayley was fine with Emily having the backpack and they each have a lunchbox.  So needless to say most of what I am sharing today, I have found online and check back weekly at our local stores in hope that something, anything Frozen shows up!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Bats of Maharajah Jungle Trek for the Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia Blog Hop

The Maharajah Jungle Trek is one of my favorite parts of Disney's Animal Kingdom.  There is so much to see and learn. As a mom of a child who absolutely loves learning about animals, we particularly like that we can just stroll through this attraction and enjoy the sites at our own pace.  I was excited to find this fun bit of trivia for this week's Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia Blog Hop hosted by Magical Mouse Schoolhouse, My Dreams of Disney and Heidi's Head.

The bats in the Maharajah Jungle Trek are all trained to respond on cue.  A dog whistle signals to them that the doors are opening and they can go in. Critics said it couldn't be done, but Disney proved them wrong.

Who knew you could train bats?  It is no surprise to me that Disney succeeds at something they were told was impossible!

I found this little tidbit of trivia in the Walt Disney World Fun Facts app, which I downloaded from the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, it seems to no longer be available, but if I find the link, I will update this post to include it!

What is your favorite part of the Maharajah Jungle Trek?

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Christmas in July with Hallmark's Ornament Premiere

Our Disney Tree ... I can't wait to put it up
this year!  
Hallmark is host to their own ornament premiere every year in July.  This begins the availablility of certain Christmas ornaments.  July is the first premiere followed by another in October and then another in November.  We visit the Hallmark premiere every year to see which Disney and Star Wars ornaments are available.  Usually every year if you visit during the premiere, there are limited edition Star Wars and Disney ornaments, but this year, there actual are not.  We are looking forward to the release of Olaf (at the October premiere) and Elsa (at the November premiere).

If you have a Hallmark Store in your area, be sure to check out the new ornaments available today.  Here is the link to the Disney ornaments available at each of the premieres:

The Edna and Sleeping Beauty ornaments top my list of ones I would love to see make a "debut" on my Disney tree this year!  Of course, we will countdown to the release of the Olaf and Elsa ones too.  

If you love Star Wars as much as we do, you will not be disappointed with this year's selection.  Not only does the Cantina Band make a debut, so does a Yoda Peek Buster.  And as always, they have a Lego Boba Fett ornament, that I know Joey will be looking forward to getting.  The Yoda Peek Buster will not be available until October, but the rest are available begining at the ornament premiere in July.  You can see all those here: Star Wars Hallmark Ornaments for 2014

There are lots of great choices this year for all Disney fans.  I can't believe we are already talking about Christmas, but I will admit I love it!  I am almost tempted to break out our Magical Fireplace DVD ... ok, maybe not, but we are pretty excited!  

Which of these ornaments are you looking forward hanging on your Christmas tree this year?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Pocahontas Birthday Party Part 1: The Invitations

Hayley was SO excited during our 2011 trip when we just
happened to be in Epcot and crossed paths wth Pocahontas!
We are getting ready to celebrate Hayley's eighth birthday this month (can't believe it!!!).  She has chosen to have a Pocahontas theme and has been busy creating all kinds of fun games and crafts for her party.  She and I worked together to create her Pocahontas invitation, which she chose the colors and embellishments and lucky me, I was left to only being her "puppet" to work those things into a Photoshop project.  Of course, I don't mind that at all because she is my artsy child and can create just about anything and has an eye for coordinating colors ... a skill I lack!

I quickly realized that there is very little Pocahontas items out there.  Since I could not find a clip art image that she liked, I went through my scrapbooking supplies and found a Pocahontas embellishment from a Disney Princess kit that I scanned in and cleaned up in Photoshop.  Since some of the activities Hayley has created will take place in our woods, she wanted to keep the color scheme with browns and greens.  As I looked through my digital scrapbooking kits, I came across Autumn Charms by 3 Lil Monsters Designs.**  The colors are perfect and even better, it includes a coordinating purple paper, and of course, Hayley wouldn't create anything without her favorite color .... purple.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Our Disney Side ~ Celebrating with Disney Themed Birthdays for the Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop

Focused on the Magic
We have many ways to show our Disney side, but today, we have actually been hard at work at one of our favorite ways to show our love of Disney ~ planning a Disney themed birthday party for Hayley's upcoming 8th birthday.  It got me thinking back over my children's birthdays.  So for the Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop hosted by Deb at Focused on the Magic, from Cars to Mickey to Disney Princesses to Winnie the Pooh (and many more in between) here is how we show our Disney side with our birthday celebrations!

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop ~ Princess Hayley

Focused on the Magic
Today I am joining in the fun of the Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop hosted by Deb at Focused on the Magic.  This week's theme is "July Calendar Shot."  For us, July is the month that our Princess Hayley was born.  So I decided to share a few photos of her from her four trips to Walt Disney World.

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Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia ~ Audio-Animatronics at the Magic Kingdom's Pirates of the Caribbean

Today I am joining in the fun of the Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia Blog Hop hosted by Magical Mouse Schoolhouse, My Dreams of Disney, Disney Babies Blog and Heidi's Head.  I happen to love Disney trivia and when I learn something new about one of my favorite attractions, well, it is a good day for me!  As you may recall from the In Pursuit of Pirates series I hosted here on my blog a couple of years ago, Pirates of Caribbean is a favorite Disney attraction of mine!  Here is a fun bit of trivia that I found on the Walt Disney World Fun Facts App:

The Pirates of the Caribbean ride is home to 125 Audio-Animatronics.  65 of them are pirates and villagers while 60 of them are animals and birds.

There certainly are plenty of things to see while experiencing this Adventureland attraction!  Is Pirates of the Caribbean on your "must do" list while visiting the Magic Kingdom?

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