Thursday, April 24, 2014

How To Sign Up for Jedi Training Academy in Disney's Hollywood Studios

Joey was awfully smiley for a Padawan about to face
Darth Vader! Here the Padawans waited before
heading up to the stage.
In 2011, there was just one thing on Joey's "must do" list for that trip.  He just HAD to experience the Jedi Training Academy at Disney's Hollywood Studios.  Unfortunately, I was not prepared for just how the system worked and Joey did not get into one of the shows the last day we were in Walt Disney World.  I had some serious mom guilt, since Joey rarely asks to do anything and just enjoys being in Disney.  So my mission for our following trip was to get myself together, make a plan and get Joey into the Jedi Training Academy.

In 2013, the number one thing on my "must do" list was to make sure Joey had the opportunity to battle Darth Vader.  I did not want to see that very sad look Joey had on his face again.  And, since I don't want any other mom (or dad) out there to experience seeing that face on their own child, here is what we learned during our 2013 trip.

First, if you want to experience Jedi Training Academy, be at the turnstiles prior to park opening.  The day we went, Disney's Hollywood Studios was opening at 9am.  We were at the turnstiles by 8:20.  It was my dad, Joey and I.  We left everyone else behind at the Polynesian to get ready and have breakfast.  Just after 8:30 they started letting people through the turnstiles.  As we walked down Hollywood Boulevard, there was a cast member directing people to the ABC Sound Studio where the sign ups were.  There were several families running to the sign up spot even though cast members were asking them not to.  Funny enough we walked and arrived just behind the runners and waited in line.  We were at least 20 people back when we arrived.

Inside the ABC Sound Studio, the Padawans
were given their Jedi Robes and lined up by
height. Parents were asked to walk next to
their padawan until they reached the stage.
A cast member came down the line and was asking the potential Padawans questions, such as can you follow directions and things like that.  Joey excitedly answered each one of them.  Thank goodness too because he is usually very shy!  Once we reached the podium, we were given a couple of options for return times.  We chose our show time and then decided we had time to head over to Toy Story Mania and take a turn.  Luckily, there was only a 5 minute wait and we hopped right into the line.  As we came off the attraction, Pierre had texted me that the rest of the family was in the park.  They met up with us at Toy Story and we all were able to take another turn.  Joey was quite excited to be able to experience this twice in one day!!

After our second go round on Toy Story, we headed back to the ABC Sound Stage.  Joey was given a Jedi robe and lined up with the other Padawans.  The rest of the family made their way over to the stage.  Once they were ready to start the Padawans walked in a line to the stage.  There was a space for the parents to stand right in the front.

I was so relieved that Joey finally got to experience this.  I will share his experience in a future post, but let me just say, this show was so fun and an amazing experience for Joey.  He can't wait to do it again!

So if you want to get your child into Jedi Training Academy, my advice is to get to the parks early and know where the ABC Sound Studio is.  There is one more way to be sure to be at the parks early enough to sign up for Jedi Training Academy.  If you reserve an early breakfast time for the Disney Junior Play N Dine character breakfast at Hollywood and Vine, you will already be in the park well before anyone else and can pop over to the ABC Sound Stage to sign your child up and then head back to finish breakfast!


Beth D. said...

I didn't either!! I fully planned on the kids only Halloween festivities being when we attended Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. This was a nice surprise!

Erin Nicole LeBrun said...

do u have to be staying there to take part in it?

Beth D. said...

Hi Erin! I am not sure but I will find out! I believe several other resorts host something similar as well!