Sunday, January 5, 2014

Character Breakfasts in Walt Disney World ~ Part 2: A Twitter Discussion of Favorites

In part one of this series, I shared my family's favorite Walt Disney World character breakfasts.  That article was prompted by a fun conversation had over on Twitter when I asked my followers which character breakfast was their favorite.  I enjoyed an entire day (and then a second day) discussing this, since I was given many new suggestions of places we must try on our next Walt Disney World vacation.

For the results!  First of all, seventeen people weighed in on the discussion with 23 different votes - even I couldn't list just one!  Next, the only character breakfast not included as someone's "favorite" was 1900 Park Fare.  Finally, I added in which characters, no matter the dining spot, are most popular of the Disney fans who weighed in on the topic.

Character Breakfast Votes by Percentage:
  • 22% - Cape May Cafe at Disney's Beach Club Resort
  • 17% - Tusker House in Disney's Animal Kingdom
  • 12.5% - Disney Junior's Play n' Dine in Disney's Hollywood Studios
  • 12.5% - Princess Storybook Breakfast in Epcot
  • 9% - Chef Mickey's in Disney's Contemporary Resort
  • 9% - Cinderella's Royal Table in the Magic Kingdom
  • 9% - Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom
  • 9% - Lilo and Stitch Best Friends Breakfast at Disney's Polynesian Resort

I am quite excited about this list.  Our personal favorite is Cape May Cafe because it was our first character meal ever on my first trip as a mom.  Joey was only 14 months at the time, and I remember the fun he had playing with Chip and Dale to this day, even though that was eight years ago!  The next two on the list, the Disney Junior Play n' Dine and Tusker House breakfasts, will have to be next up to try for us.  I read so many great reviews of these two places.  Even better, with the addition of Doc McStuffins and Sophia to the list of characters at Disney Junior Play n' Dine, I know my girls will just HAVE to go there.  Plus, it will be a great way to get into Disney's Hollywood Studios early so I can get Joey signed up for the Jedi Training Academy!

Favorite Characters by Percentage (I included in these numbers the people who let me know their favorite characters to dine with, not their favorite dining spots, which makes for 26 votes):
  • 46% - The Fab 5 (Chef Mickey's, Cape May Cafe, Tusker House)
  • 23% - Disney Princesses (Cinderella's Royal Table, Princess Storybook Breakfast - Akershus)
  • 11.5% - Disney Junior 
  • 11.5% - Lilo and Stitch 
  • 8% - Pooh and Friends

I am not surprised that the Fab 5 take the lead.  Of course, there are many more options to meet these classic characters!  I wonder how the addition of Doc McStuffins and Sophia the First will change people's thoughts on the Disney Junior Play n' Dine experience.  I know it boosts our desire to add this breakfast to our "must do" list.  Well, Joey may not be excited about it, but Hayley and Emily will!

Our goal every trip is to try something new.  I think next trip Tusker House and the Disney Junior Play 'n Dine breakfast will be on our list.  Of course, that means, which favorites do we leave off the list???

If you didn't get a chance to weigh in on the Twitter discussion, don't worry!  Let me know your favorite character breakfast spot in a comment or let me know which one you can't wait to try!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the fun!  Like I said in part one of this series, I could talk Disney all day, I just need to find someone who can listen as long as I can talk. This Twitter conversation was just that - two days of Disney discussion .... I love it!


Sean @DisneyDayByDay said...

mmm Mickey Waffles. So many great breakfasts to choose from. We love to get a reservation at one of the park restaurants before park opening. Nothing like walking around and getting a few pictures before the crowds rush in.

Beth D. said...

Our early breakfasts have always been outside the parks, but I know we just have to get into one early in the parks so we can do just that! I would love to walk down Main St. and see the castle, and take some pictures, with no crowds. :-)

JenniferLissak said...

O'hana doesn't interest me at all - Lilo and Stitch annoy me!! And Chef Mickeys seems tooo loud and toooo expensive.. but I've LOVED Tusker and hollywood and vine! I think those are the only ones I've done..

Capturing Magical Memories said...

Interesting outcome. It's the lesser known ones that are the favorites.

Beth D. said...

I was thinking the same thing. It makes me think me think I need to expand our breakfast experiences! :-)

Beth D. said...

We LOVED 'Ohana! Mickey and Pluto are there too. Pluto was so fun! We definitely will do 'Ohana again. It's funny because I really wasn't excited for it. But Hayley loves Stitch so we decided to give it a try. I am glad we did!

Beth D. said...

What an amazing way to celebrate a birthday!!! Those are the magical memories your son (and you) will have forever! Thank you so much for sharing!!