Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Snapfish to the Rescue of a Disney Photo S.O.S.

I have talked lately about how my hard drive stopped functioning.  As good as I used to be at backing things up, apparently over the last three years ... not so much.  Nothing can be recovered from my hard drive, so I purchased a new one and began uploading all my disks of pictures to my new hard drive.  Unfortunately, I quickly realized that I hadn't made backup disks since 2010.  How is that possible?  My degree is in technology, I know how important it is.  All my documents are backed up, so why did I skip doing the same for our precious home videos and pictures?  I don't know, but the idea of going back three years through photo albums and scanning in our pictures was an overwhelming and daunting task for my already over booked schedule.

Since Snapfish is my number one place to purchase my photos, I knew they were all uploaded into folders there.  I began to explore the possibility of paying Snapfish to create a cd for me.  It used to be an extremely expensive purchase, so I cringed at the thought of it.  But I quickly realized they no longer offer that service.  I used to be able to download my photos for a fee, though it has been so long ago since I had done that, I have no idea how much it cost.  Either way, thousands of photos, no matter the cost, would be an expensive and time consuming task.  So I used the online chat feature on the site.  The person I "spoke" with let me know that they no longer charge to download photos.  I could download them individually or in groups of 50.  Still time consuming, but much faster than individually scanning them all in!  The one thing the person said was that the older the photo, the smaller the file.

I attempted first to download my most recent trip photos, just to test it out.  I had success!  The 50 photos downloaded with even my own file name.  Unfortunately, though, it did not include the date or time that the photo was taken.  When I attempted some of my older photos (2009), unfortunately, a batch of those would not download as a group.  So I tried to individually download each picture, since it was only about 20 photos I was missing.  Downloading individually, it is assigned a completely different name, and again, no information is included about the date or time the photo was taken.

Overall, I am so thankful that Snapfish allows me to download my photos for free, which is not how it used to be.  It has saved me significant time and money to have this option. I use Snapfish as our backup for pictures while in Disney, it never occurred to me how valuable it would be outside of Disney and dealing with a crashed hard drive!!

Here is my best tip for making sure you have safe keeping of your Disney photos while in Disney and at home:

  • Everyday while in Disney, when we head back to the resort, I upload all photos from my camera to my laptop.  I then upload them to Snapfish (Disney now offers free internet in all resorts, so there is no cost to do this!).  This gives me two copies of all my photos because you never know.
  • When I get home, I then copy all my photos from my laptop to my external hard drive.  I do delete them from my laptop, but I create backup disks for all my pictures for each trip.  This means my photos are in three places and hopefully, all three places do not breakdown at once!
Our Disney photos are my favorite souvenirs from each trip.  They are a great way to look back at how much my children have grown and how much the parks (and our park touring) has changed.  Knowing I have a backup while in Disney is quite reassuring to say the least!

What is your best tip for making sure your Disney photos are safe?


V No Privacy said...

I filled up my iCloud on my last Disney trip. I am currently emailing them to myself (I figure email accounts will last a long time and they will stay in jpeg or whatever format - unlike facebook or IG where you can't redownload them). HOWEVER, Gmail only offers 15GB free (iCloud gives you 5) so now I am buying a USB flashdrive too. They are more easily lost but cheaper than the other options I think. I'm glad you recovered most of your pictures!

Capturing Magical Memories said...

I have a eternal hard drive back up and I back up to a cloud service (Backblaze). All just in case!! So happy you found most of your photos!!!

hrddrv said...

Were the pictures the same quality as they were when you uploaded them? Did that with Kodak many years ago and recently with Facebook with a few that got deleted and the quality was not the same.

Beth D. said...

No, they were definitely smaller files, but still usable for what I need them for. When I go to create my dvd montages of our vacations, I will probably have to scan those in to get them to a higher resolution to use them. I used to use Kodak and had the same thing happen. But the Snapfish ones are not as small as the Kodak ones. Snapfish gives the option to upload standard resolution or high resolution. I always do standard, but now I am thinking moving forward, I will use the high resolution upload.

Beth D. said...

I am SO relieved!! Last vacation I took 1,000 photos. I cannot imagine scanning them all in - I wouldn't even have the time to do all that even if I wanted to! :-) Nevermind all the other photos in between vacations I take.

Beth D. said...

Thank you! Me too! I hadn't thought about the e-mail option. Another very safe option for saving your photos!

hrddrv said...

Thank you.

Kelly said...

Wow these are great tips Beth! Thanks for sharing!