Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Snapfish to the Rescue of a Disney Photo S.O.S.

I have talked lately about how my hard drive stopped functioning.  As good as I used to be at backing things up, apparently over the last three years ... not so much.  Nothing can be recovered from my hard drive, so I purchased a new one and began uploading all my disks of pictures to my new hard drive.  Unfortunately, I quickly realized that I hadn't made backup disks since 2010.  How is that possible?  My degree is in technology, I know how important it is.  All my documents are backed up, so why did I skip doing the same for our precious home videos and pictures?  I don't know, but the idea of going back three years through photo albums and scanning in our pictures was an overwhelming and daunting task for my already over booked schedule.

Since Snapfish is my number one place to purchase my photos, I knew they were all uploaded into folders there.  I began to explore the possibility of paying Snapfish to create a cd for me.  It used to be an extremely expensive purchase, so I cringed at the thought of it.  But I quickly realized they no longer offer that service.  I used to be able to download my photos for a fee, though it has been so long ago since I had done that, I have no idea how much it cost.  Either way, thousands of photos, no matter the cost, would be an expensive and time consuming task.  So I used the online chat feature on the site.  The person I "spoke" with let me know that they no longer charge to download photos.  I could download them individually or in groups of 50.  Still time consuming, but much faster than individually scanning them all in!  The one thing the person said was that the older the photo, the smaller the file.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop ~ Our Family's Favorites

Focused on the Magic
I am finally able to join the Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop hosted by Deb at Focused on the Magic.  I have recovered many of my photos, except my last two trips, though luckily I have access to those on Snapfish ... phew!  These pictures go back to our trip in 2008.  During this trip, it was Joey's second trip and Hayley and Emily's first trip to Walt Disney World.  It was also our first trip as a family of five!  I chose my personal favorite photo of each of my children from that trip.  Between my mom, sister in law and myself, we took over 1,000 photos!  It was a full out family reunion with my parents, brother, sister in law and nephew and us, which included six adults and four children ages three and under.

Here is our full out family reunion!
We celebrated at Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue ~ Our family's favorite dinner show

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party ~ Themed Costumes for the Whole Family

When we made the decision to splurge (yes, this was a Disney splurge for us!) and purchase tickets to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, our next decision was - are we going to dress up?  The kids definitely were going to wear costumes, but my husband and I were not so sure.  Each of the kids had their own ideas of who they wanted to be.  Each of the girls were going to be princesses and Joey wanted to be Captain Rex.  I personally never dressed up for Halloween as an adult.  I am not sure why, but going as a stay at home mom of three seemed to suit me best.  I had no desire to dress up for the Halloween Party.

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Minnie Moms at Growing Up Disney ~ Our Must Do Disney Attractions

As we have all gotten our kids back off to school and off our summer vacation schedule, the Minnie Moms are back at Growing Up Disney sharing our "must do" attractions for our vacations in Disney.

To see what we each had to say, head over to

Let us know which Disney attraction tops your "must do" list!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop ~ Looking Back with a Little Help from Pinterest

Focused on the Magic
Today is the Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop hosted by Deb at Focused on the Magic.  I love this blog hop because I could really look at Disney pictures all day long!  Unfortunately for me, my hard drive (with all my photos and videos) has stopped working. Luckily, my neighbor is an IT guy and is taking a look at it for me.  So, I have no new photos to share for today's blog hop.  But I am sharing the link to my Pinterest board, which I started to put all my Wordless Wednesday posts into one place.  It has been a great way to see how our family has grown and changed over the years.  I'll be adding a few more photos to it each week, so feel free to follow us on Pinterest!

To take a look back at some of my family's favorite Disney photos over the years, 
head over to our Pinterest board

Don't forget to head over to
and see what everyone else has shared today too!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pursuing the Magic on Pinterest

I have been trying to find a way to organize my posts to make it easier to find information from our blog.  Well, I finally found a reason that I just "have to" be on Pinterest.  I have set up boards to organize our topics.  Eventually I will use those boards to update my tabs above.  For now though, head over and follow me on Pinterest!

Some of our boards that might interest you:

I have set up plenty more from our resort reviews to birthday parties and Disney dining to name a few!  Hope they help you find just the information you need to help plan your Disney vacation!