Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rainy Days in Disney

For us, the rain cannot stop us from entering the parks.  Of course, we attempt to spend some time on more of the indoor attractions to keep as dry as possible!  Though there are plenty of places in Epcot to spend some indoor time exploring, my kids favorite place is in the Imagination! Pavilion at the ImageWorks - What If Labs.  Not only do the kids get to explore, but they also get to jump around.  With three children who love all kinds of music, this is the perfect spot to spend some time in Disney out of the rain!

The What If Labs are the area of the Imagination! Pavilion you enter, upon exiting the Journey into Imagination with Figment attraction.  In this area, there are two things my children particularly love.  First is the Melody Maker.  Guests can use their arms to create music, which is actually the melody of One Little Spark.  Joey goes all out as if he is conducting and orchestra!  Now that my children are all tall enough to reach to play around here, it is one of their favorite things to do in Epcot.  On previous trips, I have had to hold Emily up to be able to test this out.

The second part of the What If Labs that my children absolutely love is the Stepping Tones.  Children get to jump tile to tile.  Each tile has a different musical instrument on it.  If they land on the tile when it is lit, they hear the instrument sound.  On a rainy day, this is a great place to get a little energy out while staying dry!  My kids look forward to playing here every trip.  Here is a quick video of the kids jumping around (this is from our 2010 trip when they were 5, 3 and 2).  Emily loved copying everything Hayley was doing!

There are many places to enjoy Disney magic on rainy days, but for my children, at their ages, this spot is just right for us!


JenniferLissak said...

Those are fun! Noah isn't quite tall enough to conduct by himself yet, but I always enjoy it.. unfortunately I've never actually seen the computers working!

Beth D. said...

Emily can't quite reach, though she was closer this trip than before. By next trip, she'll be the perfect size and the other two will have outgrown it! :-)