Thursday, April 11, 2013

Commemorating a Little Ones "Firsts" ~ Celebrating Emily's 1st Ride on Space Mountain

During our most recent trip to Walt Disney World, we experienced many new things, from attractions to new-to-us character dining spots to shows.  Most of our new experiences came from finally having all three children tall enough to experience just about every attraction in all four theme parks, as well as gaining a love of new characters over the past year that they were not so familiar with during our previous trips.  Our youngest daughter, Emily, is by far our bravest when it comes to experiencing new things; whereas Hayley is a bit more timid but is usually willing to try something new at least once, and our oldest Joey is down right scared of just about anything new.  

Emily (our youngest) is the first of our three children to experience Space Mountain.  Hayley and Joey want nothing to do with it!  Maybe one of these years, but Emily’s courage to try it and a very special cast member sparked off an idea of mine to commemorate some of our “firsts” in Disney.  As I waited for Emily and my husband to exit Space Mountain, I struck up a conversation with the cast member standing there.  I told her it was Emily’s first time on Space Mountain, and she immediately wrote up a certificate to give Emily as she came off the ride.  When Emily finally came into sight, I was relieved to see she was smiling.  Honestly, she is brave but I wasn’t so sure how she would react.  When I read her the certificate, she was beaming!  We headed into the gift shop and found a Space Mountain pin to commemorate her first trip on Space Mountain, which is a normal tradition for us.  If you try something new and had to be brave to try it, you get a pin.  As we turned to leave the gift shop, the cast member I had spoken to earlier came up to us with a celebration button (the ones you can get free from Town Hall) and she had filled it in with “First Trip on Space Mountain.”  All the fanfare made Emily extremely excited, and she could not wait to show Joey and Hayley.

I always see everyone around the parks with the birthday, anniversary and all those Disney buttons you can get.  It never occurred to me to use one to celebrate one of my kids trying something new.  This was definitely a celebration for us, and it even encouraged Joey and Hayley to try a few other new things later in our trip.  Of course, they didn’t attempt Space Mountain, but for Joey, trying anything new is always something to celebrate!  Even better, now that we are home, both Joey and Hayley have mentioned to Emily how brave she was, and they have even talked about trying Space Mountain next trip . . . well, maybe!

So next time your little one does something special, you don’t necessarily have to purchase the expensive Disney pins.  Head to Town Hall and make your own celebration with an “I’m celebrating …. “ button.  Don’t forget to bring your sharpie too, so you can fill it in, and your little one can wear it proudly.  Believe me, Emily received as much attention for her “1st Time on Space Mountain” pin, as we have seen people get for birthday and anniversary pins!

How do you commemorate your child's Disney "firsts?"


V No Privacy said...

What a cute idea!!!

Disney Wonderland said...

I'm in my twenties and even I got excited when a cast member gave me an "I'm celebrating" button on my birthday! Glad she had fun xx

Beth D. said...

I had never thought of this! She loved all the extra attention! :-)

Beth D. said...

I was so proud of her, and she loved it! My husband is quite pleased to finally have a thrill ride buddy.