Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Be Inspired ...

Here is the photo I captured of Main Street the morning of the
Princess Half Marathon, February 2013
My big goal for this year was to run in the Princess Half marathon.  Unfortunately due to a knee injury, I was unable to participate.  It was a very difficult decision for me, but in the long run, it was the right one.  But on the morning of the marathon, I went into the Magic Kingdom to see all the runners make there way down Main Street.  Though I wasn't running, the excitement was in the air.  I felt teary-eyed seeing all these amazing princesses (and a few princes sprinkled in there too) accomplish such a great feat.  In that moment, as much motivation I had to one day be a part of a runDisney event, my inspiration was beyond words.  As soon as I came home from our vacation, I got to work on a running plan that would build and strengthen my knee to participate in this amazing event.  (This first paragraph was written about a week before the following paragraphs.  Though this post started out as being inspired to complete a marathon, with recent events, it has become less about running and Disney, than it is about living my life and being the person I strive to be.)

But over the course of the last five days, things have changed.  Somewhere deep inside has grown a desire to be better, and not just when it comes to running.  To be positive. To do more.  In the last five days, my two year old nephew, who fought and beat cancer and was declared in remission in November, has had a stroke, brain surgery and was told his cancer has returned.  Our family has known this was always a possibility, but never could I imagine it would happen so soon.  But the positive is, this is curable and his recent scan showed no cancer in his bone marrow.  Children with his form of cancer have had relapses and have beaten it a second time. I know if there is a kid who will do it, it is Dustin.

Just two days ago, another event, the bombings of the Boston marathon, hit home.  I have friends who have run in this event, though not this year.  I have spent a few Patriots Days in Boston enjoying the rich history and camaraderie the marathon brings out in this city many times.  Seeing the heroes who showed themselves in the face of fear, inspired me.  Hearing about runners who ran 26 miles, then went and gave blood, inspired me.

As I went for my run today, I couldn't stop thinking:

  • Be inspired by the positive - no one ever crossed great hurdles in their lives by focusing on the negative
  • Be inspired by those who show compassion and kindness above their fear and anger to calm and help others
  • Be inspired by those who have accomplished something you think you can't because most likely they once thought that too
  • Be inspired by those who fought a battle they were told they wouldn't win, yet they did

There are so many thing that inspire me, but being positive and focusing on the good is what gets me through day to day, even though that is not always easy.  I would love to know what inspires you to get through the difficult days you face?

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JenniferLissak said...

This really has been one hell of a week. I know all of us feel a personal battle with Dustin, been if we've only met for a few minutes in person. I'm struggling with the same thing this wee, as I'm sure so many of us are. Yoga is where I go to fight my inberbattles. Today we chanted the phrase Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu is a Sanskrit mantra meaning, "May all beings everywhere be happy and free." And we worked on finding happiness so we can try to share that.. yeah, its a bit hippie/crunchy, but it really helps put me in a better place. Constant prayers for you and your family!