Friday, March 15, 2013

Discovering DiVine in Disney's Animal Kingdom

This article was published February 19, 2013 in the WDW Daily News Newsletter #269 as part of my Making Magical Memories column.  You can find me published in their newsletter every other week, so be sure to subscribe to their weekly newsletter.

One of the most important lessons I learned as a mom vacationing with little ones in Walt Disney World is to take time out to enjoy all the details we pass along the way as we walk from attraction to attraction.  Disney storytelling surrounds us in all their parks, sometimes in very obvious ways and other times in a way so subtle, you can easily miss it.  Sometimes it is the little things that we can find much joy in.  There is one thing in particular that if you are racing from Kilimanjaro Safaris to Expedition Everest, or any other attraction in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, you would miss.  That very special entertainment experience is DiVine.

DiVine is found between the theme park lands of Asia and Africa.  If you are making your way through here quickly, you could easily miss this beautiful “vine” walking through the foliage of the pathways.  She is graceful and quiet.  I have found any of the times we have spotted her, all the guests are standing quietly while watching her, including my children!  She just evokes such a peaceful feeling!  It is certainly something special to take in, and something I would highly recommend you seek out next time you are in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  Since the first time my children found DiVine, they always ask if we can “find” her again.  Even better, I know no matter where we are in Animal Kingdom, they are looking for her!

Have you seen DiVine yet?  Did she catch by surprise or were you seeking her out?


JenniferLissak said...

I've seen DiVine twice - the first time before I really started learning all the details and the 2nd time, I knew who she was and we watched her as long as we could keep Noah peaceful - she's such a great addition to the park!

Beth D. said...

We have only seen her a handful of times too, but she is just amazing to watch. I agree - an excellent addition to the park!