Friday, February 1, 2013

In Flight Fun for the Kids ~ Disney Themed Play Packs

My daughter, Hayley, loves to color and write. Our refrigerator is one big art museum and our shelves are filled with plenty of the "books" she has created.  She even one day managed to find and use an entire roll of tape and created her very own art gallery in her room.  I don't think you can see an inch of her wall, since it is so covered with all her masterpieces.  So when we travel to Walt Disney World, there is no doubt her carry on is filled with crayons, pencils, all kinds of drawing paper and notebooks, which can get quite heavy.  As you might know already, lots of crayons on those little airplane trays are not always a good idea, unless you have flat edged crayons or some type of case to hold them.  Yes, I am the mom who spends most of the flight under the seats trying to find things that have rolled off the tray into the unknown, especially crayons!

One of the best things I have found to bring in the children's carry ons are the Play Pack Grab and Go that WalMart sells. They have new ones every season with all kinds of characters from Disney to Angry Birds to Super Heroes and more.  In 2011, I was even able to find Mickey and Minnie, as well as Disney princess Halloween-themed play packs for our Halloween trip to Walt Disney World.  They fit perfectly in the kids' carry ons and have just enough items to keep them busy for our flight.

Each pack includes:
Here are our Play Packs for our upcoming trip

  • Themed Coloring Book with 24 pages
  • 4 Crayons (blue, green, yellow, red)
  • Sticker Sheets with 25 stickers

They are a great little kit for carry ons.  They are light, fit easily on the airplane tray, have enough for the kids to do while in flight and even better, the kids love them.  Add to it, they are only 97 cents and really they are the perfect addition to a child's carry on.  We do bring other coloring and writing supplies to Disney for Hayley, but these little packs are just the right size for the flight.

Have you purchased the Play Packs before?  Which characters did you find?

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400 Miles to Disneyland said...

We love these! I usually get ours at Michael's or the dollar store. So much fun for a buck!

Beth D. said...

I love that they are so inexpensive, yet provide a lot of fun for my kids. Even better, I like that they have some for older kids too that include markers and more challenging activity pages.