Friday, January 11, 2013

Princess Emily and Grampa ~ The Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop

I love the theme of this week's Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop ~ Disney Time Magic.  If you have been following Pursuing the Magic for a while, you know we are all about Disney magic.  It seems to pop up just about everywhere whether we are at home or in Walt Disney World.  We have been lucky enough to have had many magical moments over the years from Jiminy Cricket shaking my ad's hand (we believe this is the moment my dad turned into a Disney fan) to being chosen to ring the dinner bell at Hoop Dee Doo to Minnie Mouse getting our non-talking little guy to talk (and he hasn't stopped since!).  These are just the tip of the iceberg of Disney magic we have been blessed to experience.  But some of our favorite magical moments tend to just be moments we have spent with each other.

After our lunch at Cinderella's Royal Table, Princess Emily was quite tired and convinced my dad she was too tired to walk back to our room.  She was a little pouty and lagging behind.  As soon as my dad picked her up, she changed her tune.  I am not sure if she was actually tired or just wanted Grampa all to herself!  Either way, this is one of my favorite photos of Emily on our last trip to Walt Disney World.

Focused on the Magic

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Lucinda said...

Too sweet!

Beth D. said...

Thank you! My kids have my dad wrapped around their fingers! :-)

Kelly said...

Beth this is so sweet!! It brings a tear to my eyes.

Beth D. said...

Thank you,Kelly! My dad was in the Marines and then a State Trooper, but he is a big ol' softie when it comes to my kids ... I love it! :-)