Thursday, January 17, 2013

MouseScrappers Speed Scrap Marathon ~ This weekend!

Guess what I am doing this weekend?  I am joining in the MouseScrappers Speed Scrap Marathon, which hopefully means I will be catching up on my scrapbooks.  This would be my second time participating in one of these, and I can't wait!  For all the details, check out the official Speed Scrap Marathon thread.  I look forward to using many of the new digital kits I have won or purchased recently.

My layout to the right is one of my very first digital scrapbook pages I did as part of the MouseScrappers Minnie Marathon.  My friend, Mary from Capturing Magical Memories, was a big help in getting me to begin digital scrapbooking.  I thought I would never convert, but I did and I love it . . . well, when I find time to be able to work on my scrapbooks!

Will be you be participating?  If so, in the forums, I am "disneymom2jhe."

Just an update: The Marathon has begun and I have finished my first page of the weekend.  I will be pinning all my creations to my MouseScrappers Speed Scrap Marathon Board if you want to see my creations.  I also highly recommend you also check out the MouseScrappers gallery where all participants upload their creations.  There is a tremendous amount of talent over there and I have certainly found plenty of inspiration!

Update #2:  So it is Saturday morning, and I have completed all the speed scraps from Friday.  The last one was a little late, but I did it!  Now to keep up with today's speed scraps!  I have updated my Pinterest Board, so you can follow my progress from there too!  Five layouts done, eleven to go!

Update #3: Well, I have at least completed the "half" marathon.  Acually, a little more than that.  I have finished 11 of the 16 projects (only 13 have been posted so far), so I think that is pretty good for my first full marathon.  With the Patriots game coming on tonight and lots of football food to be making, we will see how my multitasking skills work.  I am not sure I can cook, scrapbook, entertain guests and watch football all at the same time, but I am definitely going to give it a try!  I updated my Pinterest board (link above), so feel free to check out my pages and let me know what you think could be improved.  I am new to this, so I already know there are improvements to be made!  And one last thing, GO PATRIOTS!


JenniferLissak said...

What program do you use? I really should get in on it - the page looks great!

Beth D. said...

My program is called - Ask Mary a Million Questions! :-) I do it all through Adobe Photoshop, but I did win software from Beth G. but I haven't tested it out enough. Next speed scrap marathon, you should really join. I have learned so much in the last two days just from necessity of having to post pages by a certain time. Plus, it's fun!