Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How To Create Our Countdown to Disney Chart

Here's Pierre showing off his modelling skills.  And, yes,
that is Ratatouille playing in the background! :-)
Last week, I posted a photo of the chart we created to count down to our next Walt Disney World vacation. I had a tremendous response of people asking me how we made it, so here it!  This was a fun craft I did with the kids for our 2010 trip.  The funniest part is I was ready to upgrade it a bit and change it up, but the kids told me they wanted it exactly the way it is.  So, since the chart really is for them, we are keeping it the same.  I listed below the colors and materials we used, but definitely customize it to your family's favorites!

  • White Poster Board
  • Colored Cardstock/Construction Paper: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black (I would highly recommend using cardstock for at least the removable pieces because the cardstock will be sturdier than construction paper.)
  • Cricut machine (this is not a necessity but it is what we used - you can also cut your own Mickey Ears and Hands or print them from your computer and cut them out.  They are also available at some craft stores in the scrapbook supplies section.  Joann's sells Mickey Journaling Cards which would work too.)
  • Cricut Mickey Font Cartridge
  • Velcro Dots: 1/2" (We used white so they would blend in with our white poster board)
  • EK Success Mickey and Friends Stickers (In the scrapbooking section of your local craft store, there are plenty of Disney stickers and embellishments to choose from, including Disney-Pixar characters, Disney Princesses, the Fab 5 and more.)
  • An Adhesive (We used glue dots, glue sticks and double sided tape)

This is how it should look before
adding the removable pieces.
Pieces That Need to be Created Before Adding to the Chart:
  1. Cut 1" thick strips of black paper to make 5 black stripes on the chart (How many you need to cut is dependent on the size cardstock/construction paper you use.)
  2. Cut 13 - 4" Mickey Hands out of white paper with 13 blue shadows (on the Cricut, it automatically resizes the cut for the correct size shadow. If you are free hand cutting, you'll have to create something just a slight bit larger than your original)
  3. Glue the hand to the shadow for each.  I did left and right to give a bit of change to the chart.  In order to do this, simply flip over 6 of the hands and shadows. (The kids used glue sticks to attach shapes to the shadows, but glue dots would work well too.)
  4. Attach one velcro dot to each hand on the top of the tallest finger (see photo below)
  5. Cut 11 - 3" Mickey Ears
  6. Attach one velcro dot to the back of the left ear on each (see photo below)
  7. Cut 1- 5.5" Mickey Ear
  8. Attach one velcro dot to the back of the ear (see photo below)
  9. Cut numbers 2-25 at 2" on red cardstock with yellow shadows.  Glue red number onto its shadow. (The kids used glue sticks to attach numbers to the shadows, but glue dots would work well too.)
  10. Cut number 1 at 5" on red cardstock with yellow shadow. Glue red number onto its shadow. (The kids used glue sticks to attach the number to its shadow, but glue dots would work well too.)
This is where you should attach the velcro dots on the back of the
Mickey Ears and Hands

Creating the Countdown Chart:
  1. Attaching the black strips (from bottom up) to create 5 stripes: First stripe across the bottom of the poster board, then each one after is 4" above the previous one.  
  2. Attach the numbers: Center the large one in the top space.  In first 4" row (between the first two black stripes), attach numbers 2-7; row 2, attach numbers 8-13, row 3, attach numbers 14-19, row number 4, attach numbers 20-25.
  3. Add your stickers to decorate the top of your chart to the left and right of the large #1.
  4. Attach the removable hands and ears:  For each one, remove the adhesive on the velcro dot, position the shape over the number it will cover and then adhere to the poster.  We found this to be the best way to be sure our number is covered.  We alternated hands (right and left) and ears.  Our kids picked the pattern we used.
  5. Attach the larger Mickey ear over the number one at the top.
  6. Start counting down to your vacation!
This has been a great way to keep the kids excited about out trip and a way to have a daily update on how many until we head to Walt Disney World.  I did not laminate our removeable pieces, but if you have the means to do so, I highly recommend it.  Also, we keep a ziploc bag nearby in our kitchen so that we have a place to put our pieces as we take them off the chart.

So I hope this helps you with creating your own coutndown chart!  If there is a direction in here that is unclear, please let me know!  Also, if you create your own, I would love to see it!  You can post it on the Pursuing the Magic Facebook page or share a link in the comments to your own blog post with your creation!

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