Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Have a Rootin' Tootin' Good Halloween!

Because this week's Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop hosted by Focused on the Magic is unable to run as usual, Deb our weekly host is without power, I wanted to still share a photo.  Please keep Deb and everyone else who has been impacted by Sandy in your thoughts and prayers today!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia ~ A Little Tidbit about Epcot's Food & Wine Festival

I am excited for another week of Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia!  I used my Walt Disney World Fun Facts app again to select the next Disney fact I am going to share today.  This time I went with Epcot, and to my delight, a Food and Wine Festival fact came up!  If you saw my recent Magical Blogorail Blue post, My Top 5 Food and Wine Festival Favorites, you'll know that I love this festival.  It is one of my favorite times of the year to visit Epcot.

Here's the fact I discovered today:
Chefs cook up 3,000 gallons of soup during the International Food & Wine Festival.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Riding the E.A.C. with Crush ~ Designing a Thrill Ride for My Little Thrill Seeker

Wouldn't it be fun to be an imagineer for a day?  I would love to go through the process of creating or updating a Disney parks attraction, but how to decide on an idea? Do I go with an attraction that would simulate ascending or descending a tower on Rapunzel's hair or a virtual ride with Lightning McQueen racing to the finish line in the World Grand Prix or even a ride through the bayou with Tiana and Prince Naveen in their search for Mama Odie?  But for this one, I went with a ride on the E.A.C (that would be the Eastern Australian Current) with Crush from Finding Nemo.

Throughout the Walt Disney World parks, there are plenty of attractions for little ones, but what about those little ones who are thrill seekers, who aren't quite tall enough for the larger scale thrill rides? Of course, there is the Barnstormer featuring the Great Goofini, a wonderful way to introduce your little one to roller coasters.  I envision this E.A.C. attraction to be of the same thrill level.

This dark attraction will make you feel as though you are in the "big blue" from the moment you enter the queue.  Special effects will create the illusion that you are Dory or Marlin (whichever you choose) on your adventure to find Nemo.  As you make your way through the queue there are different parts of the story being narrated in the scenery.  Then, you walk pass the scene filled with jellyfish and enter a hall that is dimly lit.  Imagine you board your ride vehicle, a 150 year old sea turtle, maybe even be lucky enough to get Crush himself, because of course each ride vehicle will be unique.

Once you board, you begin your journey slowly (your short uphill climb) amongst the sea turtles.  It gets lighter and lighter as you reach the peak, which corresponds with the part of the movie that Dory and Marlin come around and wake up.  Keep an eye out for Squirt.  He and his friends just may be swimming by!  As you reach the top of this incline, you hear Crush yell, "Grab shell, Dude!"  This begins the faster portion of the attraction with special effects making you feel as though you are Marlin himself (or Dory) riding the E.A.C along with Crush.  Because I envision this as a thrill ride for kids, this ride would last about 90 seconds, the same amount of time the Barnstormer lasts.

Being a mom of a child who wanted to experience all the thrill rides well before she was tall enough, I had a lot of fun coming up with a kid friendly thrill ride that I think she would love!

What attraction would you love to design for your little one?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kicking off Epcot's Food and Wine Festival with a Cinderella Twist

The images on the wine glasses are glass slippers
and a tiara ~ a subtle nod to Cinderella
So we all know that sometimes good intentions just don't always work out.  A few weeks ago I had this great idea for a giveaway that would combine the start of Epcot's Food and Wine Festival with the release of Cinderella on Blu-ray - two of my favorite things!  I put my new glass etching skills to work and created some fun Cinderella themed wine glasses.  The giveaway would have kicked off a week of Disney Princess posts and Food and Wine Festival posts.  Just one day before the giveaway was to begin, in an unfortunate walk-the-kids-to-the-bus-stop incident, I fell and fractured my right elbow.  That's right, as I have said to many, my clumsiness finally caught up with me.  So today, two weeks later, I can finally start to use my fingers on my right arm, which means I can start blogging again . . . well, at least a little bit.  Of course, I am right handed, so spending the last two weeks, basically useless (including having to call my mom over to tie the kids' cleats and my sneakers so we could all head to flag football practice, which my mom also had to drive us there), I am excited to be able to get a few posts in this week!  Of course, we'll see how much typing I can do at once, and nothing like being of the age that you see 40 in sight, yet having your mom here taking care of you and consistently reminding me to not overdo!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia ~ Who Built Prince Charming Regal Carousel?

Magical Mouse Schoolhouse Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia Did you know there is a new (well, a couple of weeks ago new) blog hop?  It is called the Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia.  You share a piece of Disney trivia that you think everyone would be interested in knowing, and learn more trivia by reading what everyone else had to share.  Since there is such a significant amount of Disney trivia out there, and I am indecisive, I decided to pull my piece of trivia from one of my favorite apps: Walt Disney World Fun Facts.  This is a free app I downloaded and open whenever I have a few moments, such as when I am waiting at the bus stop for the kids or just have a few spare moments to read.  Each week I have decided that I will chose my trivia from this app - whichever fact pops up when I open it and select a park, that is the one I will share.  Today's fact just happens to be from my girls' most favorite attraction in the Magic Kingdom.  We experience the Prince Charming Regal Carousel at least 8-10 times per trip.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Saving Money on Your Princesses in Disney

The girls were all ready for Cinderella's Royal Table
There are many ways we try to save money for our Disney trips.  But having two princesses in our travel party could potentially be very expensive.  Luckily over the years, I have found a few ways to save some money, yet not take away any magic from my princesses’ vacations.

As you may know, princess dresses can be a very costly matter.  When I looked up costumes online, there are Disney princess costumes where from $25 to over $100.  I tend to purchase anything below $20, though below $10 is even better.  My girls dress up as their favorite princesses all the time here at home, so there is no question that they will in Disney.  So to save money on dresses, I try to be on the look out just after Halloween for any princess dresses in the clearance section.  Sometimes that isn’t always easy, but if I look in enough stores, I usually can find a deal or two.  One year, I even found a full Snow White costume, red cape included, for $2.  That was a rare (yet very exciting) find!  Usually though, I can find them for about $7 to $10.  Of course, if you can sew, that is always an option, though since I can't sew, I am not sure it would be a money saver for me. But just in case I ever learn to sew, I started a Pinterest Board with all kinds of Disney related sewing projects: Crafts ~ Sewing Projects

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop ~ The Toy Story Family at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

Focused on the Magic
Today I am joining in the fun of the Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop hosted by Deb at Focused on the magic.  This week's theme is "October Calendar Shots."  What better way to say October than a photo from our very first experience with Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.  The kids decided our costumes for us.  I am so excited we went with a family theme.  We constantly heard throughout the night, "It's the Toy Story family!"