Friday, July 13, 2012

My Favorite Nighttime Spectacular . . . Wishes

When I think of Disney, I think of dreams coming true and pure magic.  I believe that Wishes in the Magic Kingdom epitomizes just that - Dreams Coming True.  For me, I have a very special connection with this fireworks shows that dates way back before I had children and thought that my Disney dream was never to come true.  But after a viewing of Wishes (and of course, making a wish), my Disney dream came true!

The magic of Wishes is brought to life in so many ways.  From the very special narrator, none other than Jiminy Cricket himself, to Tinkerbell's flight over Main Street to the feeling of camaraderie you feel standing on Main Street with thousands of other people all taking in the same beautiful sight - the castle being illuminated with some of the most amazing fireworks displays you can imagine - it all comes together in a way that I get teary-eyed every time I see it.  Add to it the soundtrack, which yes we own and listen to all the time, it really brings together what Disney is all about for us.

Do you make a wish while watching Wishes?  We do every time!


DebSays said...

Great post! I just love Wishes! It is the best nighttime show in WDW!

Crystal & Bryan said...

Can't go wrong with Wishes.  Whether you've seen it once or a hundred times, it's just as great.

Beth D. said...

I agree! I cry every time too! I was excited to get to see the Hallowishes version this past year. Though it was great, still the original is my favorite.

Beth D. said...

My trip would not be complete without seeing it at least once! I loved seeing it from the beach at the Polynesian this year too.