Monday, July 30, 2012

30 Days to 30 Years ~ Epcot's 30th Anniversary Countdown at DIStherapy

We are rounding the corner to Epcot's 30th Anniversary and that means that DIStherapy is hosting another amazing countdown.  This time it is the "30 Days to 30 Years" series in which Disney bloggers from around the web will come together to share their thoughts, memories and photos of the last 30 years of Epcot history.  Starting September 1st, be sure to head over to DIStherapy as the series kicks off with 1982!  Want to participate?  Leave a comment and I will let you know which years are left to be filled!  Let the Epcot Memories begin!

In the mood to reminisce about Disney and can't wait for September 1st?  DIStherapy has also hosted two other countdowns!

This series was a great recap of the changes Walt Disney World has seen over its first 40 years.  It is also a great collection of memories from first trips as kids, parents, newlyweds to the debut of new attractions, shows and even theme parks and resorts.  Each day of this countdown brought together an amazing group of  Disney fans and it was really heartwarming to read along with all these special memories.

Having never been to Disneyland Paris, I enjoyed every post in this series!  There were so many attractions and shows I would love to see transplanted here in Walt Disney World.  It really made me want to take a trip to Europe to experience all this park has to offer, especially the castle!!

Do you have a favorite memory of a trip to Epcot?  Is there an attraction you miss or a new addition you love?  I miss The Living Seas, but my kids LOVE The Seas with Nemo and Friends (that's a quick preview of my post as part of the countdown!).


Didi Marie said...

You are so right Beth- I can't wait to grab a tissue and read another round of personal memories; this time courtesy of Epcot! SO thrilled that you are co-hosting X3!!!

Beth D. said...

Thank you for letting me co-host! I love when we can get everyone together and do something like this!