Friday, June 8, 2012

An Extinct Disney Attraction We Miss (More Than I Thought We Would)

There are many extinct Disney attractions I could write about.  It was a lot harder to narrow this one down than I thought.  At first, I considered Horizons.  This was one of my favorite attractions in Epcot.  But as I started to write my post, it just didn't feel right because deep down, there is another "attraction" that is now missing from the Magic Kingdom, which I have a more personal connection.  How can I not discuss the loss of Minnie Mouse's house?  Most people may not think this a significant loss, but in this house, for Emily, it is!

Emily absolutely loves Minnie Mouse.  Last time she walked through it she was just two years old.  I think she could have spent our entire week's vacation exploring Minnie's home.  When we returned home from that trip, anytime we spoke of returning to Disney, Emily always brought up how she couldn't wait to go back to Minnie's house.  This past trip, Emily was three and a half and was an even bigger Minnie Mouse fan than the time before.  Unfortunately, we arrived after Mickey's Toontown was closed.  Emily was very upset to not see if Minnie was home this time.  She asked me many times where Minnie moved to.  I wish she would have had that one more trip to experience this attraction!  Since this time she would have been speaking, I would have known what she was thinking as she took in all the sites of Minnie's house.

Here the kids are in Mickey's Toontown and Emily is
wearing her Minnie sweatshirt and carrying one of her
 favorite Minnie toys - a souvenir from our 2010 trip!
To this day, when I think of Minnie's house, an attraction many trips Pierre and I did not even glance at, all I can see is Emily's big smile as she raced around every room touching everything she could and giving an excited giggle when she would discover something new.  I see her peaking around each corner to a new room looking to see if Minnie was home.  It is one of those moments when you realize how magical Walt Disney World is and even better, how magical it is seeing it through the eyes of your child.

Do you miss Mickey's Toontown or were you glad to see it go?


Crystal & Bryan said...

I see great minds think alike, Beth! :)

Beth D. said...

I was certain I would be the only one who missed this!  I am glad to see I am not alone!  :-)

Debbie B said...

I too will miss it!