Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nighttime Shows When You Travel with Little Ones with Early Bedtimes

My kids loved the beach at Disney's Polynesian
Resort, but they were never awake long enough to
see Wishes from the beach.
This post was originally written for my column Making Magical Memories for the WDW Daily News Newsletter.  It was originally published in newsletter #227 published on April 17, 2012.

I absolutely love watching the fireworks at Walt Disney World.  But with three kids who generally go to bed early, getting to the nighttime shows with the kids awake and then getting back to our resort (before the kids fall asleep) is always a challenge.  It can be so much of a challenge that many trips we miss seeing Wishes, Fantasmic and Illuminations.  Of course this isn’t really a complaint because our kids are up early and we are generally at the parks at opening.

This trip I discovered something that allowed me to at least watch Wishes and the Halloween version, Hallowishes, right from Disney’s Polynesian Resort.  One night after the kids went to bed, my parents, who were in the room next to us, said they would watch the kids, as Pierre and I walked around the resort.  At about the time Wishes was about to start, we found a couple of chairs along the beach, sat down and watched the Electric Water Pageant go by as we waited for Wishes.  The best part was not only was it a great view of Wishes, but they pipe the music onto the beach.  It was as if we were right in the middle of the Magic Kingdom enjoying the show without the crowds.  Even better, after the show, we weren’t in the masses making our way out of the park trying to get back to our resort.  We simply walked back to our room.  It was great to see my favorite nighttime spectacular from a different perspective.

This is Martinique, one of the island villages
at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort
On our 2010 trip, we stayed at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort.  We could see parts of Illuminations from the beach in the island village of Martinique.  Even better, you could hear all the preshow music before it even started as you walked around the resort.  Because Illuminations is so late, our children would never stay awake until 9.  This was a perfect way to at least catch a portion of the show.

With your little ones, do skip the nighttime shows or have you found a fun hidden treasure like these to catch them from a different perspective?


Kelly said...

Wow Beth!! This was also a nice romantic tip as well. Sounds heavenly! Thanks for sharing. :0)

Beth D. said...

It is funny because you wouldn't think watching the fireworks from across the lake would be as nice, but they were!  We will be doing that again on our next trip!