Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kali River Rapids Adventure

Here's the button on the bridge
For whatever reason, Kali River Rapids in Disney’s Animal Kingdom always seems to be an attraction that some of our funniest Disney moments have occurred, from the first time my dad experienced it with my husband having no idea how wet he would actually get to Joey’s first trip in which he came off the ride looking as though he jumped in the pool to a fun incident (and discovery) on our most recent trip.

The water squirts from the trunk of the elephant
We celebrated many milestones this past trip and experienced many things for the first time.  All three of my children for once were tall enough to take a float down Kali River Rapids.  Unfortunately, as we approached the turnstiles, Emily and Hayley made a last minute decision to not experience the attraction.  I was slightly disappointed, since I was looking forward to all three of my kids experiencing a thrill ride together for the very first time.  But being a parent who does not push her kids to try an attraction if they don’t want to, the girls, my mom and I made our way over to the bridge near the attraction exit and waited.  Since there was no line, it wasn’t long until we saw the raft carrying my dad, my husband and Joey.  As they came toward us, Hayley yells to Pierre , “Daddy, I changed my mind, I want to go on the raft!”  Of course, Pierre did not hear her, but I told we would have to wait until daddy came off the ride to ask him.

As we waited a cast member came by and asked if we knew that we could have squirted the riders.  I had no idea what he was talking about, and he showed us this button right on the bridge that if you pushed it, the elephant trunks would squirt water!  Too bad he didn’t tell us just moments before because I would have loved to get my husband and my dad!  I had no idea these even existed.  So next time you are waiting on the bridge, look for this box and give the button a push!  I love when I go on Disney vacations and learn something new!

Well, Pierre came off the ride soaked, as did Joey and my dad, but that did not stop them from taking another round of it so the girls could have a turn too.  It was very exciting that in the end, all three of my kids experienced their very first thrill ride together, and we discovered something new about Kali River Rapids!

This article was orginially written for my Making Magical Memories column, which was published in WDW Daily News Newsletter #223 on March 20th.

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Capturing Magical Memories said...

I had no idea that existed either.  Since I am the one that always chickens out on this ride - I now have something to do while I wait!! (insert evil laugh)