Monday, February 20, 2012

On Safari in Harambe Part #2 ~ Safari Inspiration for Your Scrapbooks from Mary of Capturing Magical Memories

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Last week, I shared part one of this month's series On Safari in Harambe, where I discussed the moment that made Kilimanjaro Safaris one of my favorite Walt Disney World attractions.  Today, Mary from Capturing Magical Memories and MC Digital Design is sharing her safari-inspired scrapbook layouts, as well as some great places to find inspiration to get started on preserving your Kilimanjaro Safaris memories and photos.

I must be doing something right because Beth keeps asking me back.  Thanks Beth!  And I love the Animal Kingdom and the Kilimanjaro Safaris so I jumped at the chance to talk scrapbooking about them.

This time I want to talk about inspiration.  Sometimes you have photos but you just don't know where to start. When this happens I look for just a little something to get me going.  In this case I turned to Mousescrappers.

For my first page I found their Weekly Challenge.  This one was fun because it asked me to use scanned in memorabilia.  That's when I saw the photo of the Fab 4 in Safari gear and I had that moment of 'ah-ha!'.  It also helps when you can see what other people do for the same challenge.  That gives me a lot of ideas.

For the second page I went to their Template Challenges.  This one is definitely a go to when you have absolutely no idea where to start.  They actually give you a blank template and you just fill it in!! Typically they provide it in either Photoshop or png format. Sometimes you may get a Storybook Creator format.  And all of these can be used for either digital or traditional pages.

Here's my twist on the template created by Julie of Goldiscraps and her 3 Bears.  For both pages today I used my Safari Kit from MC Digital Designs 

Now you have no excuse for not getting those pages done.  Mousescrappers has a ton of ideas and resources.  If you stop by look me up.  I am MaryD73 and I would love to see your pages.

Thank you for joining me today!

Thank you so much, Mary, for sharing these great ideas and great layouts!  I love that Mousescrappers has such a great collection of templates - I could not agree more that it is a great place to find inspiration!

If you haven't visited Mary's blog Capturing Magical Memories or her Etsy shop MC Digital Designs, I highly recommend that you do.  She is very creative and her ideas inspire me to get going on my own scrapbooks!  You can also find Mary on Twitter at @MaryD73 and on Facebook at Capturing Magical Memories.

Focused on the Magic

Next Monday, Deb from Focused on the Magic will be sharing her photo tips for capturing the best shots of Pirates of the Caribbean.  Make sure you check back then to polish your photography skills before your next Disney vacation!


Capturing Magical Memories said...

Thanks for having me back Beth!

Beth D. said...

No thank you!  Your posts always motivate me to get working on my scrapbooks.  The girls and I just got back from Joann's to gather up some materials and I hope to get to work this afternoon!  I am so excited!! 

DisneyonWheels said...

Great pages Mary! I love the unexpected parts of the safari too. :)

Beth D. said...

Mary is SO talented!  I need to hire her, fly her up here and have her help me catch up on my scrapbooks! :-)

MouseFanDiane said...

I love both of those layouts Mary, I was inspired to do a few myself. We have just returned from Disney last month and I have some great animal shots too. I love the Monday Morning Traffic