Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop ~ March Calendar Shot

Focused on the Magic
Today, I am joining in the fun of the Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop hosted by Deb at Focused on the Magic.  The shot I am sharing today is from March 2010.  I am not sure why Disney's Hollywood Studios was so empty this particular day, but let's just say we rode Toy Story Mania three times in a row with the wait being no longer than the time it took to walk through the queue area!  We were spoiled, because on our most recent trip, no such luck!

Disney's Hollywood Studios ~ March 2010

Make sure you head over to Focused on the Magic to see everyone else's Disney-themed March Calendar Photos!  Thanks for hosting, as always, Deb!

Going Stroller Free (for the first time) in Walt Disney World

This article was originally written for my WDW Daily News column Making Magical Memories.  It was published in newsletter #219 on February 21, 2012.

Our last trip to Walt Disney World was a milestone for us.  For the first time, we were traveling with three potty trained kids.  We enjoyed a week with no diapers and no diaper bag.  We also made a big decision about strollers.  We decided this trip we would also be stroller free.  There were many factors that came into play before we made our final decision.

1. Would we really have a child who would “need” to be in a stroller to walk around the parks?  The only person who would “need” a stroller would be Emily.  She was just shy of turning four.  But, she always disliked being a stroller.  As soon as this child could walk, there was no turning back!  We learned that lesson during our 2010 trip, in which I pushed an empty stroller all around Walt Disney World because Emily, then just barely two, refused to sit in it.  I spent the week arguing with Hayley and Joey about how they were too big to be in the stroller.  It simply became a means to push our backpack around.

2. If we weren’t going to bring a stroller, how would we make sure the kids were ready for the trip?  Leading up to the trip, we made sure that we walked everyday around the neighborhood.  This did a couple of things.  It built up the kids’ endurance for walking.  Also, we were sure their sneakers were broken in before the trip.  Since this was an October trip, we had been taking the kids on walks almost daily for about 7 months. They had walked a lot.  Had this trip been in say April, we may not have had such success since walking around here in the winter is not always a safe option because of the snow and ice. 

3. How would we make sure they didn’t fizzle out or have sore legs mid trip (or midday)?  No matter how we were all feeling midday, we went back to our resort.  My kids do not nap, but taking the time to go back to the Polynesian, remove our shoes for a bit, get off our feet, go for a swim and just have time to regroup, was just what we needed to make sure we didn’t overdo and end up pushing the kids until they had sore feet or muscles.  

If you are at that turning point with your family about whether you need a stroller or not, remember that you know your child better than anyone.  These are the strategies we used to go stroller free and I am relieved to say, they worked.  There was only one moment that we thought maybe we should have gotten a stroller, but that was at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party and it was about an hour and a half past the kids’ regular bedtime.  Otherwise, for our normal park touring, we had planned and prepared our kids enough to make sure going stroller free worked for us.

If you are looking for more information about strollers in Walt Disney World, head over to my post To Bring Your Own or Rent a Stroller for details on what worked best for us when our children needed to be in strollers.

Monday, February 27, 2012

On Safari in Harambe Part #3 ~ Capturing the Beauty of Kilimanjaro Safaris in Pictures with Deb of Focused on the Magic

Last week, Mary of Capturing Magic shared her safari-inspired scrapbook layouts and tips for finding inspiration to get scrapping.  Today, Deb from Focused on the Magic is back sharing part three of our On Safari In Harambe series.  She is sharing her photography tips for capturing great photos of the Disney wildlife along Kilimanjaro Safaris.  
Thanks Beth for having me as a contributor to your Harambe Safari series. I’ve really enjoyed reading along and have learned a lot.

Today we’re going to take a look at photographing one of the more challenging attractions in Walt Disney World, Kilimanjaro Safari. I am sharing a few simple tips that have helped me along the very bumpy safari ride. Whether you are using a DSLR or a Point & Shoot you should be able to bring home very special pictures from Kilimanjaro Safari along with your “wild” memories of the experience.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

We Pursued & We Found the Magic This Week

We had another fun week of posts.  I have also been trying to redo some features on my site.  I am updating my tabs to make it easier for you to find information I have already blogged about from tips for planning your vacation to reviews of Disney dining spots to how we create Disney magic here at home.  If you ever have suggestions on how I can make my site more usable for you, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment!

Posts This Week:
Monday was a very busy day!  We kicked off the week with another great post from Mary of Capturing Magical Memories.  She shared tips on where to find inspiration to get started on your scrapbook pages and some amazing safari themed layouts for Part #2 of our On Safari in Harambe series.

Mary's post motivated me to get scrapping, and I made a quick trip to Joann Fabrics to pick up a few supplies.  You can find details of the Disney Princess embellishments I discovered that actually include ALL the princesses in one set.

Monday was the PINspiration Blog Hop hosted by Amy at Disney Living.  I shared all the things from around the web I have discovered to create a Jasmine themed birthday party for Hayley.

Monday was also the day the Growing Up Disney Minnie Moms, which includes me, shared our favorite Disney movies to watch with our kids.  Head over to Growing Up Disney to see what we each had to say!

Also, my most recent article for my WDW Daily News column Making Magical Memories was published in their newsletter Monday.  If you missed it, next week, I will be posting my article about our recent trip to Walt Disney World and my decision to not bring a stroller.  If you aren't already signed up, make sure you sign up for the WDW Daily News newsletter.

On Wednesday, I shared some photos of some of my favorite Disney Details at Disney's Animal Kingdom for the Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop hosted by Deb at Focused on the Magic.

Friday I joined the Flashback Friday Blog Hop hosted by Deb at Focused on the Magic.  I reminisced about a March trip to Walt Disney World that was very cold, yet my kids didn't miss an opportunity to jump in the pool!

How did you find Disney magic this week? I would love to read about it!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Disney Flashback Friday ~ Disney Pools & My Kids

Focused on the Magic

Today I am joining in on the fun of the Flashback Friday Blog Hop hosted by Deb at Focused on the Magic.  As I looked back through my photos, I realized that there is one thing my kids love, rain or shine, hot or cold.  It is the pools at each of the resorts we have stayed at.

Back in March of 2010, we headed down to Walt Disney World.  Let's just say it was freezing the entire week we were there except for one day.  I believe several of the days it was warmer at our home in New Hampshire than it was in Orlando.  Unfortunately, this meant at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort that the pool areas were closed on some of the days.  But one very freezing cold afternoon, the weather did not stop Hayley from enjoying the pirate pool.  If you watch closely to her sitting at the top of the slide, she is absolutely shivering, but refused to come out of the pool!  I finally had to make her come out at one point because her lips were starting to turn to a shade of purple, and in all honesty, I was freezing!

If you asked my children what their favorite part of our Disney vacations have been, I would not be surprised if "swimming in the pirate pool" was at the top of the list!  It is by far their favorite of the Disney pools we have experienced.  Even that freezing cold March week, if the pool was open and we were at the resort, the kids were in the pool!

Which resort has your favorite pool?

Make sure you head over to Focused on the Magic and take a step back in Disney time to see what everyone else is reminiscing about!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Disney Wordless Wednesday Bog Hop ~ Disney Details at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Focused on the Magic

Today I am joining in the fun of the Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop hosted by Deb at Focused on the Magic. The theme this week is Disney Details.  I had so many ideas of what I could include, but decided to focus on the details of one of the Walt Disney World theme parks.  From the lights to the benches to signs entering into new sections of the park, Disney's Animal Kingdom has a lot of "Disney Details."

 When Emily saw these lamp posts, she let us know they would look great at our 
house! Joey loved all the benches shaped like different animals, but he refused to 
sit on the one shaped like a crocodile!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Growing Up Disney Minnie Moms ~ Favorite Disney Movies

The Minnie Moms are back!  Not sure who the Minnie Moms are?  We are a group of moms who have been invited by Amy at Growing Up Disney to share our thoughts on Disney related topics.  After a short hiatus, we back!  This month we are discussing our favorite, and some not so favorite, Disney movies that we enjoy watching with the children.  Head over to Growing Up Disney to see what we all had to say!

Monday, February 20, 2012

PINspiration Blog Hop ~ Jasmine Themed Birthday Party

PINspiration Blog HopToday I am joining in the PINspiration Blog Hop hosted by Amy over at Disney Living.  It is a great way to show how something you found on Pinterest has inspired you to create something at home.

When I first learned of Pinterest, in all honesty, I completely avoided it.  This was due to the fact that I knew I would love it, that's right love . . . and I do!  It is such an amazing tool to organize the things I find online.  This week I have started searching for ideas for a Princess Jasmine party for Hayley's sixth birthday, which will be this summer.  I have found some great ideas for cakes, but also I found a lot of party supplies that I didn't even know existed.  Did you know you can even purchase a Jasmine themed jumpy house?  I had no idea, but I know if I could find a place to rent that from, it would make Hayley's entire birthday.

Photo from Designer Cakes by Janet
What I have found the most inspiration from on Pinterest is the selection of cakes available.  I make all my children's birthday cakes, so I am constantly searching for new ideas.  I have found several cakes that I would love to recreate, but there is one that absolutely caught my attention.  It is a Jasmine and Aladdin cake by Designer Cakes by Janet.

As I looked over the cake, I already knew how to make some of the elements.  But for the Jasmine and Aladdin pieces, I will be able to use my Cricut Cake machine and the Cricut cartridge Dreams Come True.  This cartridge has images of all the characters from the Aladdin movie, as well as plenty of icons to choose from such as the magic lamp, Jasmine's jewelry, a magic carpet and more.  These would make it very easy to add elements of the movie right onto the cake, since my skills with frosting and fondant in this area are a little lacking!  Being able to use the Cricut would make this much easier.  To see all the Jasmine "treasures" I have discovered go to my Jasmine Themed Birthday Party Pinterest Board.

I have used my Cricut machine before to create cakes, such as my Minnie Mouse Birthday cake for Emily.  The great thing about using the Cricut to make items for the cake is that I can also use those images to coordinate our favor bags, invitations, thank cards and any other party supply we might use.  If you are looking to purchase the Disney Dreams Come True cartridge, it is retired, but I have seen them pop up on ebay, and I know my local Joann's store was still carrying them last time I visited.  It has become a well used (though somewhat more challenging than others) cartridge, because it includes images of not just Jasmine, but also Belle, Ariel and Pocahontas.

How has a Pinterest find inspired you this week?

Make sure you head over to Disney Living's PINspiration Blog Hop and added in your project or just hop over to see who else has shared their PINspiration!

On Safari in Harambe Part #2 ~ Safari Inspiration for Your Scrapbooks from Mary of Capturing Magical Memories

The Harambe tag in the top
corner was created by Mary!
Last week, I shared part one of this month's series On Safari in Harambe, where I discussed the moment that made Kilimanjaro Safaris one of my favorite Walt Disney World attractions.  Today, Mary from Capturing Magical Memories and MC Digital Design is sharing her safari-inspired scrapbook layouts, as well as some great places to find inspiration to get started on preserving your Kilimanjaro Safaris memories and photos.

I must be doing something right because Beth keeps asking me back.  Thanks Beth!  And I love the Animal Kingdom and the Kilimanjaro Safaris so I jumped at the chance to talk scrapbooking about them.

This time I want to talk about inspiration.  Sometimes you have photos but you just don't know where to start. When this happens I look for just a little something to get me going.  In this case I turned to Mousescrappers.

For my first page I found their Weekly Challenge.  This one was fun because it asked me to use scanned in memorabilia.  That's when I saw the photo of the Fab 4 in Safari gear and I had that moment of 'ah-ha!'.  It also helps when you can see what other people do for the same challenge.  That gives me a lot of ideas.

For the second page I went to their Template Challenges.  This one is definitely a go to when you have absolutely no idea where to start.  They actually give you a blank template and you just fill it in!! Typically they provide it in either Photoshop or png format. Sometimes you may get a Storybook Creator format.  And all of these can be used for either digital or traditional pages.

Here's my twist on the template created by Julie of Goldiscraps and her 3 Bears.  For both pages today I used my Safari Kit from MC Digital Designs 

Now you have no excuse for not getting those pages done.  Mousescrappers has a ton of ideas and resources.  If you stop by look me up.  I am MaryD73 and I would love to see your pages.

Thank you for joining me today!

Thank you so much, Mary, for sharing these great ideas and great layouts!  I love that Mousescrappers has such a great collection of templates - I could not agree more that it is a great place to find inspiration!

If you haven't visited Mary's blog Capturing Magical Memories or her Etsy shop MC Digital Designs, I highly recommend that you do.  She is very creative and her ideas inspire me to get going on my own scrapbooks!  You can also find Mary on Twitter at @MaryD73 and on Facebook at Capturing Magical Memories.

Focused on the Magic

Next Monday, Deb from Focused on the Magic will be sharing her photo tips for capturing the best shots of Pirates of the Caribbean.  Make sure you check back then to polish your photography skills before your next Disney vacation!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

We Pursued & We Found the Magic This Week

After talking a week off, we are back with a great week of posts!  I was excited to participate in several blog hops this week.  As you read through my posts, make sure you head over the host page of the blog hops.  There are some really great ideas shared by several bloggers all in one place!

Monday, I joined in the fun of the very first PINspiration Blog Hop hosted by Amy at Disney Living.  I shared my ideas for a 20th Anniversary Vow Renewal in Disney.  Pinterest is certainly a great place for me to get all my ideas organized in one spot.

Tuesday, I shared details of the children's dessert at Cinderella's Royal Table.  It was Hayley's favorite and has inspired us to recreate the idea here at home.

Wednesday, I joined in the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop with a photo from the show Flights of Wonder in Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Thursday, I shared some Gnomeo and Juliet Garden Gnomes from Garden Fun.  Because the photos are copyrighted, I did create a Pinterest board of all the garden decor from the Gnomeo and Juliet movie.

Friday, I kicked off this month's new series, On Safari in Harambe, with the moment that sparked off my love of Kilimanjaro Safaris in Disney's Animal Kingdom.  Next week, Mary from Capturing Magical Memories will be sharing her tips for preserving your safari photos and memories.

Also on Friday, I shared a special Disney Flashback that reminded me of something special that happened on our most recent trip.  You can read all about it in my post Best Buds with Chip and Dale After All These Years.

There are a couple of fun giveaways and sweepstakes happening right now:

How did you find Disney magic this week?  I would love to hear about it!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Disney Flashback Friday ~ Best Buds with Chip and Dale After All These Years

Focused on the Magic
Today I am joining in on the fun of Flashback Friday blog hop hosted by Deb over at Focused on the Magic.  I absolutely love looking back over our trip albums, and this blog hop gives me the perfect excuse to take them all out and reminisce.  As I started looking back, I noticed a trend in my photos of Joey when he was on his first trip and just 14 months old.  I have a picture of him squeezing every character's nose that came within arm's length of him.  He was particularly fond of Chip and Dale at our favorite character breakfast at Cape May Cafe found at Disney's Beach Club Resort.  As I looked at this photo, it reminded me of a very special moment on our past trip.

February 2004 ~ Joey & Chip

While visiting Camp Minnie Mickey in Disney's Animal Kingdom, we waited in line to have our photo taken with Chip and Dale.  When it was finally our turn, Joey headed straight toward Dale, squeezed his nose and said, "Do you remember when I did that to you when I was a baby?"  Then, Dale gave Joey, who was smiling ear to ear, a big hug and, of course, nodded yes.  You can probably guess, I got a little teary-eyed.  It made me realize how special all these moments really are, even the ones that he doesn't remember, but he has seen the pictures and listened to us tell him all about his first trip.  After we had our picture taken, Joey walked over to me grabbed my hand and told me that Chip and Dale were his "best buds."  Then, with a great big smile, he says, "Can you believe that they remembered me after all these years?"

November 2011 ~ Camp Minnie Mickey

Do you have a special Disney Flashback you want to share?  Head over to Focused on the Magic, link up and check out all the other great memories everyone has shared!

On Safari in Harambe Part #1 ~ Kilimanjaro Safaris

This was one very close, and incredible,
 encounter on the
Harambe Reserve!
In last month's series, In Pursuit of Pirates, we shared pirate inspired memories, photo tips, scrapbook tips and three different versions of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction that can be found in the Disney parks around the world.  We are kicking off our new series for this month ~ On Safari in Harambe and taking you to Disney's Animal Kingdom.  I am kicking off the series by sharing how Kilimanjaro Safaris became one of my favorite Disney attractions with just one close encounter with a giraffe.  Over the next two weeks, you will see more posts of how to photograph the animals along the safari, as well as ideas on how to preserve your Kilimanjaro Safaris photos and memories.

Kilimanjaro Safaris is at the top of my favorite attractions list in Walt Disney World.  I look forward to this attraction every year because I never know what we will see and the experience is different every time.  The close encounters we have had in the past keep me wanting more, especially my desire to one day spot the lion  . . . his entire body moving around, not just his ear sticking up from where he is taking his nap.  But of course, the lions are not the only animals along this safari adventure.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thinking of Spring with Gnomeo & Juliet

We recently joined the Disney Blu-ray Movie Club.  One of the movies my children chose was Gnomeo and Juliet, which has me thinking about spring (while watching it snow!).  I had never seen this movie before, but on our fall Walt Disney World vacation, it was one of the movies playing at the beach of the Polynesian.  My mom had taken the kids down to see it, while Pierre and I were having our night out in Disney.  They love this movie, especially Emily.  During the movie, Emily suggested we buy some garden gnomes for our yard.  Just to see what was out there, I did a search for Gnomeo and Juliet garden statues.  I found a fun collection of items at GardenFun.com.  I created a Gnomeo & Juliet Garden Decor board of the items on Pinterest, which include statues and garden stakes. I am not so sure that I would purchase the Sam Mankini Gnome, but Gnomeo and Juliet are certainly cute!  I would have included photos in this post, but they care copyrighted.  So you will have to check out my Pinterest board or go directly to GardenFun.com to see them.

How do you bring a little Disney into your yard's decor?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop ~ Animal Attractions in Disney's Animal Kingdom

Focused on the Magic
Today I am joining in the fun of the Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop hosted by Deb at Focused on the Magic.  My photo is from Flights of Wonder, one of my favorite shows in all of Walt Disney World.  It is also one place that I have the hardest time capturing great pictures because the birds are always on the move.  Luckily, I was able to capture this one and it even fits this week's theme ~ Animal Attractions in Disney's Animal Kingdom!

Make sure you check out all the great Disney Wordless Wednesday posts over at 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hayley's Favorite Dessert from Cinderella's Royal Table

The girls meeting Belle at
Cinderella's Royal Table

This article was originally written for my WDW Daily News column Making Magical Memories, which is featured in the WDW Daily News newsletter.  This article was published in newsletter #217 on February 7, 2012.

Sometimes the separate interests of one person collide, and it creates a perfect moment.  This is just what happened to my daughter, Hayley, during our lunch at Cinderella’s Royal Table.  If you have been following my articles for a while, you know that Hayley loves the princesses.  She tends to be more favorable to Jasmine, Aurora and Ariel, but honestly, her favorites change by the day.  I think that is simply due to the fact that she knows them all and loves each of them.  She also loves art.  She is our most creative of our three children and could use construction paper, scissors, glue and any type of writing utensil to create backdrops for stories she tells with her dolls, Valentine’s hearts for all the kids on her bus and even a few family portraits here and there.  Let’s just say she loves princesses, and she loves art!

We knew when we made our reservation for Cinderella’s Royal Table that it would become one of Hayley’s favorite moments of the trip. What we didn’t expect was why it was her favorite.  It all came down to the dessert!  Throughout the meal, Hayley loved meeting the princess and showing off her own Cinderella gown, as well as princess hair that her Grammie styled just for this lunch.  She was very quiet, as she usually is, but we knew she was loving every minute of it.  When dessert was delivered, a decorate your own ice cream, her face lit up!

This is how the dessert was served at Cinderella's Royal Table

The dessert was delivered on a plate that looked like an artist’s palette.  There were three cups of decorations: mini chocolate chips, mini marshmallows and Mickey shaped sprinkles.  Hayley chose each item one by one to create an ice cream masterpiece.  She loved every minute of decorating her dessert.  It was the perfect combination of her love of princesses and her love of creating!  Seeing how much she enjoyed this at Walt Disney World, I have now collect different edible decorations when I see them on sale, and once a month, we have an ice cream decorating party.  It is a great way to bring a little Disney home with us and also a great outlet for Hayley to share her creativity.

What is your favorite Disney dessert?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Love Is In the Air with Pinterest ~ A PINspiration Blog Hop

PINspiration Blog HopToday, I am joining in the fun of the PINspiration Blog Hop hosted by Disney Living.  I am so excited because this blog hop gives me a real excuse for being on Pinterest, other than sitting in amazement at what great ideas people have and have shared!

I was really avoiding Pinterest because I figured it would just be another thing to keep me busy and away from all the other things I really need to be concentrating on.  Well, guess what?  I was right!  I cannot get enough of it!  As someone who has interests that span pretty much everything, I have had a great time collecting recipes, cake decorating tips and inspirations, scrapbook layouts and more great Cricut projects (and that is just the tip of the iceberg of ideas I have discovered!).  Being someone who is a little less creative than others, it has truly been inspirational (and motivating) to see all that Pinterest has to offer.  But my favorite board to work on is my 20th Anniversary Vow Renewal Board, in which I am finding all sorts of great ideas on what I would like to have at my own vow renewal.

Let me back up just a little though.  We haven't officially made plans to have a vow renewal.  I have four and a half years to convince my husband what a great idea this is.  I figure starting the board will give me a fun place to start.  That way when I finally convince Pierre we need to have a vow renewal, I will already have all sorts of ideas in one place!

So far, I have a found a few wedding cakes, venue ideas, flowers and have even pinned the Alfredo Angelo princess dresses because though they may not be appropriate for a vow renewal, they are beautiful and of course, I can dream!  Being able to see everyone's ideas come together, it is certainly inspiring and makes me want to have a vow renewal even more than I did before, especially when I saw the Beauty and the Beast Cake!  To see better details of my board, you can find it over on Pinterest at 20th Anniversary Vow Renewal (Disney Ideas).

Have you renewed your vows at a Disney resort?  I would love to hear about it!

Has Pinterest inspired you lately?  If so, make sure you share it over at the PINspiration Blog Hop hosted by Disney Living!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

We Pursued & We Found the Magic This Week

Wow!  I can't believe that February is here already.  With the Super Bowl, the kids' 100th day of school and Valentine's Day coming up, it is another fun month for us!

Did you know that there is now going to  be a Disney Junior 24 hour channel?  I was discussing this over on my Facebook page (Pursuing the Magic).  Head over and let me know if it will be available in your area.  Not sure?  You can find out at Disney Junior for Grown Ups.

On Monday, Amanda from Manda's Disney Blog shared the Disneyland Paris version of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction for the sixth and final episode of the series In Pursuit of Pirates.  Have you experienced the DLP version of this attraction?

Tuesday, I shared our experience with Trick or Treating at Disney's Polynesian Resort.  There are plenty of free family fun options right at the resorts for celebrating Halloween.

Also, on Tuesday, I shared the link to the Days in the Parkcast, the Days in the Park podcast, recent episode, in which I was a guest.  We talked about how my blog started, what Disney means to my family and more.  Want to know why we always start our Walt Disney World vacations with a character meal?  We discussed that too!

Wednesday was the Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop hosted by Deb at Focused on the Magic.  The theme this week was our February Calendar Photo and I shared one of my favorites of Expedition Everest in Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Friday, in honor of the Super Bowl and as part of Flashback Friday hosted by Deb at Focused on the Magic, I shared my family's chance meeting in the Magic Kingdom with Mr. & Mrs. Bob Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots.

Fun Disney Magic at Home from Around the Web This Week:

Friday, February 3, 2012

Flashback Friday ~ Meeting Mr. & Mrs. Kraft in the Magic Kingdom

Focused on the Magic
Today I am joining in the fun of Flashback Friday, hosted by Deb at Focused on the Magic. You know that I am a Disney fan, but you may not know that we are also New England Patriots fans and have been since their seasons of minimal wins, and even their terrible loss to the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XX when their total yardage for the first half was in the negatives!  As you can imagine, our household is excited for Sunday's Super Bowl!

Of course, like everything else in our lives, we have a Disney story to go along with this New England Patriots celebration.  My husband wears Patriots things pretty often and when our son was born, he was, of course, given many Patriots outfits as well, which have been passed down and both girls have even worn them.  Our kids have been dressed in Patriots clothes for every game (with just a few exceptions) since they were born.  Even when we visit Walt Disney World, one day of the week, all the kids are dressed in their Patriots clothes.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop ~ Expedition Everest

Focused on the MagicToday, I am joining in the fun of the Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop hosted by Deb at Focused on the Magic. The theme this week is our "February Calendar" photo.  For the first week of every month, the theme will be to share a photo we would use in a Disney themed calendar.  I have decided for each month, I will choose a photo from a trip I made during that month.  I have visited Walt Disney World during seven of the twelve months.  I'll improvise for the other five!  The photo I chose today is of Expedition Everest from February 2006.  It wasn't officially open yet, but my dad and Pierre were lucky to experience it the day we were there!

I love this photo because Expedition Everest looks so serene and small from this viewpoint.
As a thrill ride chicken, seeing it from this angle, it looks a lot less intimidating!

Make sure you head over to Focused on the Magic to see all the Disney Wordless Wednesday photos!