Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Cars 2 LEGO Sets Available

Photo from WalMart.com
This is the set Joey is most excited
to get his hands on!
Joey loves Cars, as you may already know from this blog!  I have certainly dedicated enough posts to all the Cars merchandise available out there.  For Joey's 7th birthday, he chose to have a Cars 2 theme (this is the 6th year in a row he has had a Cars themed birthday!).  For his gifts, being the nutty mom who even coordinates the gifts with the party theme, we gave him several of the Cars 2 LEGO sets that were available.  He spent his school vacation builing each of the sets and now has them set up in his Cars themed room.  It actually looks like he has a Cars 2 LEGO movie set going on up there!

Needless to say, when Joey saw the newest Cars 2 LEGO sets that were released, he has let me know that he HAS to have them.  Unfortunately, since his birthday is in December, there aren't many occasssions coming up that he will be given gifts.  So, we are working on setting up a chores system so that he can earn the money to purchase these sets himself.

There are 8 new sets available.  To see all eight, you can find them at HERE (at LEGO.com).

Here is a quick tip I learned this past holiday season.  WalMart.com sometimes features LEGO sets at a much cheaper price than in store. For example, I purchased the LEGO CITY Police Station set online for $80. In store at WalMart it was $99.97, at Toys R Us it was $119.00 and at Target it was $109.99.  I even used the Site to Store option, so I did not have to pay for shipping either.  When I was speaking with the WalMart associate about this, she said that you can save a lot of money by checking prices online first before going to the store.  I plan to do this for all future purchases!

If you are looking to see the newest Star Wars LEGO sets, which Joey also wants, I shared details of those over at Jedi Mouseketeer last week.


Aljon Go said...

Thanks for posting your guest article Beth! I'd love to start collecting these LEGO kits but knowing me I would have a hard time knowing when to stop! LOL!

Beth D. said...

We are obsessed with having full collections here (my kids definitely get that from me!), so we never stop until we have them all!  I'd like to say that I buy them for Joey, but I love all these kits too! :-)  Luckily, for me, I purchase them all and Joey actually plays with them all!  They are great for getting him to use his imagination!  But it really is hard to stop buying them! 

Capturing Magical Memories said...

I'm with Joey.  My day job is working with an oil company in deep water drilling so you know I want this!

Beth D. said...

Joey loves that it also comes withe "skiing" Finn McMissile!  :-)