Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bringing Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Music Home

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This article was written for my WDW Daily News column Making Magical Memories.  It was published in Newsletter #213 on January 10, 2012.

Everyday there is Disney music playing in our house and in our car, whether it is a Disney Parks CD, a Disney movie soundtrack or a Disney radio station.  For most songs, my children can tell you which movie it is from and who is singing it.  They also know the lyrics and sing them even when there is no music playing.  I especially love when we are listening to a soundtrack and a score comes on that my children act out.  Their favorite is from Tangled when Flynn and Maximus are trying to get the satchel from each other.  But I didn’t realize how well my children knew these Disney songs until we were in Walt Disney World.

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After about out third day of touring the parks, the kids had gone to bed early.  I was in my parents’ room talking with my mom.  She says, “Do you know that every song the kids heard today, they told me which song it was, which movie it was from and even what was happening in the movie when that song is playing?”  I have to admit  . . . I was a proud mom!  This led me to make a purchase that has become my children’s favorite souvenir from this trip.

Knowing how much my children love the music from Disney movies, I just had to add some theme park music to our collection.  I made three CD purchases, but my children’s favorite is the Magic Kingdom Event Party Music.  I happen to find this at the cart outside of the Haunted Mansion.  It includes music from Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party, including Hallowishes, the Boo to You Parade and the Villain’s Mix and Mingle.  It also includes music from the Disney’s Pirate and Princess Party, including the Enchanted Adventures Parade.  We had been to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, so I took a chance that this would be a hit with the kids.  Needless to say, I had no idea what I was getting myself into!

Upon our return home, I played our new CD.  Immediately, the kids started dancing and cheering.  They loved it!  Actually, they may love it a little too much, because now, we listen to it in the car, at home and pretty much we take it everywhere we go.  Even this holiday season when I would play some Christmas music, they would change the CD to the Halloween music.  While decorating our gingerbread houses and making cookies for Santa, they were singing along with the Ghost Host!  I can say at this point, my kids can sing almost the entire Hallowishes and Boo to You Parade music from beginning to end whether the CD is playing or not.  Even better, every time we listen to it, they start talking about being at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and always end the conversation with, “When are we going back to Mickey’s Halloween Party?”  I love that they have come to love Disney as much as I have and look forward to our return trips!

What Disney music reminds you of your Disney vacations and gets you thinking about your next trip to a Disney park?


Crystal and Bryan - canadisney.com said...

We've always wanted to buy that CD, but it was always $10 more than the other ones (yes, we're cheapskates!).

Capturing Magical Memories said...

How fun!  I like when you find those special #Disney cds.

Beth D. said...

Me too! It was a lucky find.  I just happen to spot it out of the corner of my eye! :-)

TheHusbandsDisneyBlog said...

Thanks for the CD title, I have been looking for the music from the Halloween party :)

Beth D. said...

We absolutely love this cd!! We listen to it all the time! Glad this post helped you out!

Heidi Strawser said...

I have never purchased a CD at Disney. I think that might have to change! What a great souvenir and it would be easy to pack if you're flying. (We need to keep things small for this next trip!)

Beth D. said...

It is definitely a souvenir i don't mind buying because I know it won't end up in the bottom of a toy box unused. :-) Plus, when I create our family montages, the official them park cds, give me lots of music options to add to our photos!