Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Trip to Disney with the Kids ~ To Surprise or Not to Surprise?

This article was originally written for my Making Magical Memories column for WDW Daily News Newsletter back in June.  

I have really been enjoying the Disney Parks commercials that feature personal home videos, especially those that show a parent revealing to their children they are going to Walt Disney World.  Their reactions are priceless and I often wonder if I could ever pull off a surprise trip to Disney.  As much as I would love to show up at the airport and reveal our destination to the kids there, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this would be very difficult for our family for many reasons.

1. This is probably my most important consideration: My son.  Joey is definitely growing out of his stage of being afraid of just about everything and also improving when it comes to changes in schedule and transitions from one thing to another.  For now though, a surprise trip to Walt Disney World may be a little much for him without me prepping him for the things we will be seeing and doing.  He is easily overwhelmed by his surroundings if it is loud or if there are a lot of things surrounding him that he is unfamiliar with.

2. I don’t think I could contain myself.  How could I not talk about Disney 24/7 from the day we book our hotel stay until the day we arrive?  This would be extremely difficult for me!

3. Since we travel as a large group, and are three separate families, there are a lot of phone conversations to organize all the details of the trip.  I would like to say we could have these conversations without my children hearing them, but I swear the phone is like a magnet for my kids.  It doesn’t matter where they are in the house or the yard, the second the phone rings or I pick it up to dial a number, they are suddenly by my side.

4. I love that my children give their input for our dining reservations, our hotel choice and our itinerary.  I think I may feel guilty not letting them be a part of the planning process.

But on the other hand, there are so many reasons that I would just love to surprise my children!

1. Assuming they would react (and we know how kids are, it could go either way depending on the day), it would be a very magical moment to see their faces light up when we told them we were on our way to Walt Disney World.

2. Trying to contain myself from talking to them about the trip, just may elevate my level excitement (if that is at all possible) about going to Walt Disney World.

3. Maybe without all the prepping for the trip and just showing up, Joey wouldn’t have time to worry about the things that he can’t control.

Our next trip is already out of the bag, but I am going to put some serious consideration into making our following trip a surprise! How about you?  Do you like to surprise your children with trips to Disney or do you prefer to have them be a part of the planning process?

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Beth D. said...

I could never pull it off - I am worse than the kids when it comes to keeping these kinds of secrets! LOL!