Friday, December 2, 2011

Our 1st Attraction for Our 25th Anniversary Walt Disney World Vacation

I can't believe I have not started posting about our recent trip!  Things have just been so busy since getting home, but I promise to be back on track very soon!  For those of you who are new to Pursuing the Magic or those who do not know, our recent trip was the 25th Anniversary Trip for my family.  We checked in this year 25 years and one day from our very first day at Walt Disney World.  Amazing how fast time has gone!  If you want to read about our very first trip, I shared some of the details of our 1986 trip over at DISTherapy for the 40 Years to 40 Days project, in which many Disney fans came together to share 40 years of Walt Disney World memories.

You may already know my family's very first attraction back in 1986 was the Mad Tea Party.  Just by chance, the kids' first request this trip . . . the Mad Tea Party!  As soon as we strolled down Main Street and took in all the fall decorations, we made our way to Fantasyland, hopped into a tea cup and spun away!

Here are my parents, who celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary, while we
were in Walt Disney World

Hayley by far is our biggest fan of the teacups!

Though Joey likes the Mad Tea Party, I am pretty certain all he was thinking was "When
do I get to go on the Tomorrowland Speedway?"

Emily the Tea Party Queen herself (well, at home anyways) was NOT a fan of the teacups!

So in the coming weeks, I will be sharing all the details of our amazing trip!  My husband has already been asking when we are going back!  Considering he has just recently been converted to a Disney fan, this is tremendous news!!!


Coffee Please!?! said...

That was my first ride this trip too. Then Dumbo. I did get to go on Tower of Terror so it wasn't a totally kiddie trip. :-) Thanks for sharing!!

Heidi said...

Your parents are a very nice-looking couple! And your kids are so adorable! What a neat thing to celebrate the 25th anniversary of your first visit. LOVE IT!

P.T. said...

Can't wait to read the rest of your posts on your trip! I somehow missed your story of your first trip but reading through it was so touching. I could totally relate! And congrats on your parents anniversary!

Trish F said...

Oh I want to go to Disney on our 25th. It is only a year and a half away. Oh wheels are turning. Thanks for the inspiration.

Beth D. said...

I am too chicken for Tower of Terror . . . maybe one of these days! :-)

Beth D. said...

They were so cute! It was a great way to celebrate and spend some quality family time together!

Beth D. said...

Our 20th anniversary will be here in a couple of years, and I am hoping to convince my husband that a Disney vow renewal is in order! :-) I haven't convinced him yet, but I still have time!