Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Minnie Mouse Birthday Celebration for Emily

I say this every year on each and every one of my children's birthdays - where did the time go?  It seems like I was just bringing them home from the hospital?  But it is true!  Time is passing much too quickly.  We spent this weekend celebrating my littlest one's fourth birthday.  She just loves Minnie Mouse, and this weekend was all about Minnie Mouse.

I make all of my children's cakes, and this time around was no exception.  The only thing I did differently was rather than create cake decorations out of fondant or frosting, I used my Cricut machine and created them from paper.    This made my life much easier because I could finish the task quicker than I would trying to create things with fondant, since my skills are lacking in that department.  What you see above was actually Emily's idea of what her cake should look like.  She told me she wanted a picture of Minnie and lots of bows like on "Minnie's Bow-tique" on Disney Junior.  Once she gave me that idea, I took out my two Mickey Cricut cartridges, which both include Minnie Mouse images, and was excited to find a cute Minnie face and a bow shape.

The Cricut cartridges I used to create the cake decorations
Since this was going to be a small family party, I baked a 9-inch, two-layer cake.  I edged the top and bottom with pink fondant flowers.  The rest I created with my Cricut (by the way, I can't wait because I know Santa is bringing me the Cricut Cake machine!!).

For the Minnie Face
Mickey Font Cricut Cartridge**
Black Cardstock
White Cardstock
Skin-colored Cardstock
Pink Cardstock

  1. Cut the Minnie face shape using the black cardstock at 6" using the "minnie" key
  2. Cut the face layer from the skin colored cardstock using the "charm" function key, then the "minnie" key
  3. Cut the eyes from the white cardstock using the "silhouette" function key, then the "minnie" key
  4. Cut the tongue from the pink cardstock using the "end caps" function key, then the "minnie" key
  5. Cut the bow from the pink cardstock using the "end caps shadow" key, then the "minnie" key
  6. Glue the layers together in the order that you cut them
  7. Using plastic cake dowels (I used Wilton), I placed Elmer's glue spots onto the top of each dowel, then pressed them on the back of the Minnie.  I didn't want the paper to touch the frosting because it would give it a grease spot.  By using the dowels, I could push the Minnie down to the cake without actually touching the cake.
  8. Place the Minnie face about an inch from the front border of the cake.  This will give you room to place the candles across the top of the cake.

For the Bows
Mickey and Friends Cricut Cartridge
Various Colors of Cardstock

  1. Cut the bow shape at 1-1/4 inch (height) in various colors using the "icon" function key, then the "minnie4" key (do this for each color bow you want)
  2. Using plastic cake dowels (I used Wilton), I placed Elmer's glue spots onto the top of each dowel, then pressed one on the back of each bow.  
  3. Press dowel into the side of the cake going around the perimeter.  I only added bows to the front, but it would be very simple to create enough to go around the entire cake.

Emily helped place all the bows on the cake.  When it was done, she claimed that the cake was the most beautiful cake she had ever seen.  It was the perfect cake for her Minnie Mouse party, especially considering most of her presents were from the new Minnie Bow-tique toys collection!

If you want to see the Minnie Mouse thank you cards Emily and I created together, you can find them on my home blog over at

**The Mickey Font Cricut cartridge is by far my most used cartridge.  It has several images of characters, as well as a font that I can use to create lettering for our Disney scrapbooks, as well as our family scrapbooks.  It was retired this summer, so if you do not have it, I would highly recommend you add it to your cartridge collection before it disappears.  I know our local Joann Fabrics still carries it, and I have seen a few pop up on ebay lately if you are looking for it.


Mary at Capturing Magical Memories said...

Awesome idea!!

Mouse Fan Diane said...

I love it, that cake is so cute. And I love my cricut too, i just need some Disney Cartridges now..

Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

Thanks, Mary!

Diane - I use the Mickey Font cartridge for everything - labels, scrapbooks, wall hangings, etc. It is so great! If you get only one Disney cartridge, I recommend this one!

goddessofmath said...

I'm a cake decorator, and I've got crazy respect for cake decorating shortcuts! ;-) This is a SUPER cute and easy way to decorate your cake! Love that you thought it through, so your paper wouldn't have grease spots. The design being "above" the cake makes it have a neat dimensional look too! Cute! :D

:DISTherapy said...

Your daughter's cake looks more professional than most of the cakes I buy at the bakery- AMAZING!! (Is there anything you're not good at??)

DisneyBabies said...

So cute and very impressive! I would never have thought of that! Of course, I don't have a cricut to use..

Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

Thanks, Joanna! I love to decorate cakes, but this was a great way to find the time to do a decent job!

Donna - You are so funny! Cake decorating is low on my scale of things I am good at. I think "lucky it turned out the way it did" fits best here! :-)

Jenn - I know I have already told you this, but you HAVE to get a Cricut - yes that was a demand! I cannot tell you how many things I have used this for around the house!

DisneyDonnaKay said...

Hanging my head in shame for being so late commenting on this...Love the cake!! Hope you are loving your Cricut Cake machine!! Can't wait to see all the wonderful cakes you make.

Beth D. said...

You are just too funny!  Yes, I am getting ready to put some serious practice into my Cricut Cake machine.  Too bad the practice will require a lot of calorie intake! LOL!