Friday, November 11, 2011

Disney Magic to the Rescue Again ~ Hayley's Moment with Snow White

I am sure we can all agree that Disney magic just seems to appear at the most unexpected and sometimes the most needed times.  We had a few such moments last week, but there is one that brought a smile to Hayley's face that even now a week later I can still see her beautiful smile and hear her infectious giggle from that exact moment.

Hayley explaining the importance of the flower and her
little sister's princess emergency

Hayley was feeling a bit under the weather
and was very serious meeting Snow White
We made our way to the Magic Kingdom for our very first trip to Cinderella's Royal Table.  We were unsure how this was going to go because Hayley was not feeling well at all.  She was in her Cinderella gown and Emily was dressed as Princess Tiana.  As we made our way through the Magic Kingdom turnstiles, the flower fell off Emily's gown.  Emily became very upset because her new Tiana gown was now "ruined."  My mom took Hayley to Guest Services to see if they had a safety pin we could have to reattach the flower, while I calmed Emily down.  The rest of us waited outside.  I won't go into the details, but as we waited, a person, to put it nicely, "lost their breakfast" right in front of us.  Joey started dry heaving and let's just say, it was unpleasant.  So my dad and Pierre took Joey and Emily over toward the Emporium to wait for us there.

As I started to make my way into Guest Services, my mom walked out without Hayley and starts pointing to the left of Guest Services.  As I look over, out walks Snow White holding Hayley's hand.  No one else was there, just the two of them.  Hayley was explaining to Snow White about how the flower was from Emily's dress and we needed to fix it.  Hayley was VERY serious about this because she knew how upset Emily was.  I pulled out my camera and just started clicking away.  I mentioned to Hayley how serious she looked and Snow White got right down on the ground with Hayley and started tickling her.  Hayley was beaming!  It was the first smile we had seen from her all day. It was just the Disney magic Hayley needed because she was suddenly energized and back to her regular self.

Hayley's giggle and huge smile while
Snow White was tickling her was
something I will never forget
Apparently, Snow White had spotted Hayley in Guest Services and just walked right up to her, held her hand and walked outside.  It is moments like these that I love.  They aren't planned, they just happen and create memories that will last a lifetime for Hayley and for those of us there to witness it.  These are the moments that keep me wanting to go back and share Disney with my children.  To Snow White, Hayley was one of hundreds of girls who happened to be in Magic Kingdom that day, but to Hayley, Snow White is the beautiful princess who has seven dwarfs as friends, married The Prince, and is now her "best friend."

Some of our best Disney moments have happened when we least expect them.  What is your greatest Disney moment that was completely unexpected?

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I think I have Disney emotional problems. Just crying over this adorable moment. What a nerd I am! Thanks for the blogorail and bringing together such a great group of energetic Disney fans!

Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

You are not alone! I was teary-eyed when it was happening. Being the middle child, there isn't much that Hayley gets to do that is just her. So even though it would have been great if Emily were there too, it was nice for Hayley to have this special moment just her and Snow White.

Crystal and Bryan - said...

That's an awesome story Beth!

Donna Kay said...

What a great story Beth!! I am sure she will be telling her granddaughters this story one day. Gotta love Disney Magic!!

Heidi said...

What a sweet story! I'm so glad you were able to catch it in pictures so that you could share it with the rest of us. Those are the moments that we store up and treasure forever!

DisneyBabies said...

I love the picture of Snow White tickling Hayley! Such wonderful magic!

P.T. said...

Happy Anniversary!

What a touching story! It's moments like that that really give meaning to the Disney magic. So glad you were able to catch it on camera!

Debs said...

I definitely have a Disney emotional disorder too because I am crying (happy tears) reading this beautiful magical moment. Sniff sniff. Love the pics too!!

Happy Anniversary Magical Blogorail!!

Sammie_Kay said...

I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who has Disney emotional problems. I to have tears on my face from reading this! I love magical moments like this. Thanks to Magical Blogorail for bring us all these wonderful blog posts! Congrats on the one year!

Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

Thank you, everyone! Such a great topic to celebrate the Magical Blogorail's anniversary! Thanks, Chad for picking such a good one!