Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse! Mickey's Birthday Blog Hop ~ Favor Bags

Welcome to our Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Blog Hop! This year Mickey Mouse will be turning 83, and we thought it would be fun to all celebrate with our little ones. I’ll be sharing about favors and favor bags for the party. You can find links to the other party ideas at the end of this post.

I love going all out for my children's birthdays, from the invitations to the food to the decorations to the thank you cards.  Everything is themed from top to bottom.  As my children have gotten older, there is one part of the prepartions I really encourage them to take part in.  That is the favors.  I think it is so important to teach my children about giving something back to those who have come to help them celebrate.  So, for each party, they help create their own favor bags, help choose the items to put in the favor bags and help assemble them.

Being someone who has an excessive (complete rookie scrapbooker mistake, but I digress!) amount of scrapbooking materials, it is very easy to pull out my drawer of embellishments and letters, as well as my Cricut machine and Disney cartidges, and give my children full freedom to create.  The two bags I have here were created mostly by Hayley, though Emily gave some input here and there.  

One of my favorite things to start with for favor bags are the colored bags.  They are just like a brown paper bag you might bring your lunch in, though slightly smaller and, obviously, colored.  These come in any color you can imagine, and at out local department store cost 25 cents each.  I had Hayley choose the colors and embellishments she wanted to use.  Then, before there was any gluing, we planned out where to put everything.  Once she was sure of the design, she went to town.  To be sure that every bag is unique, we only create one at a time.  I have the kids think of who the bag is for and create it based on what they think that person would like.  This takes some advance planning on my part to make sure we start plenty of time before any party to be sure we can finish them without having to rush.  But it is worth the extra time and effort!

I added the pre-bought favor bag to
this photo
After creating the bags, we fill them with all sorts of goodies.  Here are a few things we found for a Mickey Mouse Favor Bag (most of these are from our local Dollar Store):
  • Mickey Yo-yos
  • Mickey Tops
  • Mickey Playing Cards (4 small sets for a dollar)
  • Mickey Crayons
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Parachuting Characters
  • Mickey Kaleidoscopes
  • Mickey Pencils/Erasers
  • Mickey or Swirly Straws
  • Toodles Springs
  • Red and Yellow Harmonicas

Once we have filled all our bags, I then turn them into decorations for the party.  They become our balloon weights, which I place all around the house.  Tied in the ribbon of the balloons is a quick little thank you note addressed to each guest.  At the end of the party as guests are leaving, they can find their favor bag with balloons to take home with them.  It is a great way to say thank you to anyone who came to celebrate a birthday with us. 

Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse!!

Thanks for joining us as we celebrate Mickey’s Birthday! Don’t forget to check out the other blogs for great ideas on a Mickey Mouse Birthday Party!

A very big thank you to Beth at A Disney Mom's Thoughts for such a great idea and organizing this!


Tricia from Return to Disney said...

What a great idea to use the favor bags as balloon weights!

DisneyBabies said...

Very cute!! I want to make one for Noah for our next plane trip - so cute!

Diane said...

Awesome idea..

Beth Green said...

that is such a cute idea to tie the balloons and thank you note to the bags!! I also love having the kids help create them!!