Friday, October 7, 2011

100 Things to Do in Disney #42 & #43 ~ Cars, Cars & More Cars Part 2

Today I am sharing #42 and #43 in our countdown series, 100 Things to Do in Disney, as part of Disney Flashback Friday hosted by Sarah of Magical Days with the Mouse.  This is a flashback to 1st experiences on Test Track in Epcot's Future World and the Tomorrowland Speedway in the Magic Kingdom.

#43 Test Track in Epcot's Future World
Pierre and I both enjoy Test Track and look forward to it each trip.  Joey has already experienced Test Track and Hayley is looking forward to trying it for the first time this trip, since she is finally tall enough.  My favorite memory from Test Track is from our 2008 trip. Joey was 3.5.  He rode with my dad and Pierre.  When he exited the ride, my dad asked him if he liked it, to which Joey replied, "Yes."  Then, my dad asked, "Do you want to go on it again?"  Joey said, "NO!"  Luckily, he is excited to try it again this fall.  I took this picture of him as he was exiting the building saying, "Fast car, fast car!" Notice the Lightning McQueen shirt, socks and shoes.  He was (and still is) obsessed with cars.

#42 Tomorrowland Speedway
This is by far Joey's favorite attraction.  His first race around the track was in 2008 at the age of three, which was also Pierre's very first ride too.  I believe that trip we experienced the Tomorrowland Speedway no less than 10 times.  In 2010, it again was his favorite, but this was also the year that Hayley and I took our very first trip around the track.   I know this fall we will be taking many laps around this track, and even Emily has said she is going to "drive a racecar" this fall.

Joey & Pierre's 1st Lap, October 2008

Joey & Pierre, March 2010

Hayley and I's 1st Lap, March 2010

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Beth Green said...

great flashbacks! my little one hasn't done either of those attractions yet... so much more to do! :)

DisneyBabies said...

Love the pics of the kids driving! I personally don't get test track, but I'm sure Noah will love it when he's tall enough!

Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

You two just wait - I have a feeling your boys will love these! I think Joey could spend the entire vacation just on Tomorrowland Speedway. He is looking forward to the day he can drive by himself. I think he is going to miss the cut off by just and inch or two.

Mouse Fan Diane said...

Great flashback, my crew loves the speedway and my flashback today is the a Speedway picture too. How Funny

Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

Joey used to call Test Track the "fast race car" and Tomorrowland Speedway was the "regular race car."