Tuesday, September 13, 2011

100 Things to Do in Disney #55, #56 & #57 ~ The "K"s of Disney

Today in our countdown series 100 Things to Do in Disney I am sharing the "K"s we are looking forward to experiencing this fall in Walt Disney World as part of Destination Disney hosted by Heidi at Ramblings, Reflections and Reviews. It just so happens that these will all be new experiences for us!

This picture has nothing to do with the
Kim Possible Adventure, but it is
one of my favorite pictures taken
in World Showcase,
February 2006, Joey age 14months

#57 ~ Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure is something Joey has wanted to try out ever since he saw a segment about it in the Disney Vacation Planning Video.  We have never watched Kim Possible, and honestly, I have no idea who she is, but for whatever reason, the quick clip on the DVD caught his attention and now it is on our list to test out on this trip.  Now that I have done a little research into it, this just may be my key to keeping the kids interested in World Showcase for enough time so that I might be able to enjoy some of the offerings of Epcot's Food & Wine Festival.  My fellow Magical Blogorail member Dave over at YourFirstVisit.Net wrote a thorough review of the adventure.

#56 ~ Karmell Kuche in Germany's Pavilion is at the top of my list of new things to try in Walt Disney World.  I love the Germany Pavilion in Epcot's World Showcase, but adding in a spot that makes fresh caramel popcorn takes my love of it to a whole new level!  I know they offer many other treats than the caramel popcorn, but when I saw this on Melissa's Makin' Memories photo blog, I knew I would be testing it out as soon as we get into Epcot.  Melissa has some great photos and a video of all the candy making in action in her post Karamell-Kuche: Sweet Treats Part 2

#55 ~ Kidcot Fun Stops around the World Showcase are on Hayley's list of things to try for the first time this trip.  She spotted these in the Disney Vacation Planning Video and is excited to get to "color at Disney" as she calls it.  I am not so sure that Joey and Emily will be as into these spots as Hayley is, but we will see. For more information about the Epcot Kidcot Fun Stops, you can check out Jodi's post at Magical Mouse Schoolhouse.  She gives a very in-depth description of just what these spots have to offer.

Since these are all new to us, feel free to let me know your experiences with any, or all, of theses "K"s of Disney that we plan to experience on our next Walt Disney World Vacation.

Don't forget to see all the Destination Disney entries for the letter K at Heidi's Ramblings, Reviews and Reflections!  Have your own list of Disney "K"s?  Link in and share them!


Heidi said...

I love how you manage to tie your countdown list into Destination Disney and other things. You are so clever!
Gracie did the Kim Possible thing with friends last year and it was really fun for them. They were a little older (10 & up) so they could kinda do it on their own, which was neat for them.
I'm anxious to try something from Karmel Kuche too. I don't like popcorn very much (though I do like it at Disney) but caramel corn is a different story. LOL
My kids do the Kidcot stops every year. Sometimes we get passports, sometimes we just do the masks (or Duffy, this year) - either way, it's a nice break for them to sit down and just "chill" for a bit. And I love the interaction with the Cast Members.

Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

Thank you, Heidi! One of these weeks I will actually post it on time! LOL!

My kids have not necessarily been great at "enjoying" World Showcase, but since they were so young, I had fully expected that. This time around with them being a little older, I am thinking I need to take advantage of more of what Epcot has to offer the kids. Last time we went to the F&W Festival, Joey was 3, Hayley 2 and Emily 10 months. Let's just say, we did not spend nearly the time I would have wanted to in Epcot! :-)

Kelly said...

These are all new things for us as well and we plan to try them all in two weeks. I will let you know how it goes. Great post!