Sunday, September 4, 2011

100 Things to Do in Disney #66, #67 & #68 ~ The J's of Disney

Today in our countdown series 100 Things to Do in Disney I am sharing the "J"s we are looking forward to experiencing this fall in Walt Disney World as part of Destination Disney hosted by Heidi at Ramblings, Reflections and Reviews

#68 The Jungle Cruise in the Magic Kingdom is one of the attractions we all look forward to every trip to Walt Disney World.  I love the corny jokes and though the animals and characters along the cruise put on the same show every trip, I make sure we never miss this attraction. When we began making the list, all three kids asked on separate occasions to add this to our Disney to do list. That is always a good sign!

It looks like Aladdin is also saying,
"Where's Jasmine?"

#67 As you may be able to tell from this blog, my little Emily loves each and every princess.  On this trip, she would like to meet Jasmine.  On our last trip, we spotted her at one point in World Showcase, but as we got into line, we were told that the line was closed.  I had hoped we would spot her on another occasion, but no such luck.  Hopefully, this year Emily will finally get to meet her.

#66 During the fall season, the Magic Kingdom is decorated top to bottom with all types of decorations.  My personal favorites are the Mickey Mouse Jack-O-Lanterns, which I cannot wait to see in October.  I wish my pumpkin carving skills were a little better (ok, much better) because I would attempt to recreate some of these here at home! 

Make sure you head over to Heidi's Ramblings, Reviews and Reflections to see everyone's "J"s of Disney!


Heidi said...

What great J's! Have you ever done a Princess meal at Akershus? Jasmine is almost always there. :)

Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

We did, but sadly no Jasmine. :-( But we did see Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Snow White and Ariel (also Emily's favorites - LOL!). said...

I love the corny jokes on Jungle Cruise too. I laugh every time...even though I know exactly what they're going to say.

And Halloween is my favorite time of year...especially at WDW. Nothing planned, but my fingers are crossed that a last minute trip will work out somehow.

Naomi said...

It's always disappointing to try to get into line, only to be told that it is closed. One day, I think every line that we hit had just closed.

I sure hope that Emily gets to meet Jasmine on her next trip!