Tuesday, September 6, 2011

100 Things to Do in Disney #63, #64 & #65 ~ It's All About Imagination . . . Epcot's Imagination Pavilion

Joey & Hayley, Leap Frog Fountains, October 2008

Today in our countdown series, 100 Things to Do in Disney, I sharing three things from the Imagination Pavilion.  I will admit these are not my favorite, but they are certainly favorites of both of my girls.

#65 The Leap Frog Fountains, just outside of the Imagination Pavilion, are a favorite of all three of my kids.  In 2008, my children literally entertained other guests while they laughed and giggled at each "flying" spout of water.  Joey was just three, Hayley two and Emily 10 months.  We could not tear Joey and Hayley away from this spot.  It has become a quiet spot to take a break from all the action each trip into Epcot.

2010 was a completly different story.  It was freezing cold and windy.  The spouts of water were being stopped midair by the wind, much to my children's dismay.  Emily was then 2.5 and refused to leave until one of the spouts made it across.  Well, that never happened, but once her teeth started chattering (yes, it was THAT cold), we moved on!

Leap Frog Fountains, March 2010 - That's the wind blowing the water backward!

#64 Journey Into Imagination is one attraction I wish Disney had left in its original version.  But not to be a downer, my kids still love it, though most likely because they never saw the original.  I promise that is the last snippy remark about the new vs old version!  During this attraction, you are led through a journey of how our senses and imagination work together.  Since my kids have the stuffed Figment I purchased on my very first trip back in 1986, they are always excited to see him during the attraction.  They always say, "Mommy, there's your Figment!"

#63 The What If Labs are the perfect spot for kids to just play.  Like I mentioned above, in 2010, it was freezing cold out.  This was the perfect place for my kids to jump, move around and explore.  In one area, they jumped on different spots to make music play and pictures on the walls light up.  My girls probably liked this the best.  But Joey's favorite part was the area where he could "conduct" an orchestra.  By swinging his arms back and forth, he controlled the music.  It was really funny watching him try different arm movements to see how it would change the sounds.  As he told me, he was trying to be tricky!  Here's a video of the girls jumping around and making music.  Emily was trying to copy big sis, Hayley.

 We spent much more time here than I had ever done in the past, but it was worth it to see my kids' smiles as they jumped around!  For a rainy, cold day, this is a great place to just explore.  All three of my kids are looking forward to trying this out again in October.


Stephanie said...

I have to admit, I've never experienced the original...so I do like the updated Journey Into the Imagination with Figment. My kids love the What if labs...so so fun!

Disney on Wheels said...

I miss the original too but I still enjoy the new one. I love the fountains too, hopefully it will be warm enough this time to enjoy them! :)