Saturday, September 17, 2011

100 Things to Do in Disney #53 ~ Kilimanjaro Safaris in Disney's Animal Kingdom

Today in our countdown to Disney series, 100 Things to Do in Disney, we are sharing #53 Kilimanjaro Safaris.  This is one of Hayley and I's picks and is one of our favorites attractions in all of Walt Disney World.

Kilimanjaro Safaris is located in the Africa section of Disney's Animal Kingdom.  You are transported to Africa in a safari truck that takes you through an African landscape filled with many species of animals.  My personal favorites are the giraffes, though I love seeing the elephants and lions as well.  Inside the ride vehicle, there is a chart of all the animals you can potentially see along the safari.  It is a great reference.  Though the attraction does include a story line of saving a young elephant from poachers, the thrill for us is seeing the animals up close in what we can only imagine would be also be what their native habitats would be like in Africa. 

I was lucky enough to one year have the experience of a giraffe being right next to our ride vehicle.  This was an amazing experience because we stopped until the giraffe had its fill of the nearby tree.  Ever since that close encounter, I am always hoping to experience it again.  That is the thrill of the safari - you never have the same encounters twice.  Even better, ever since Hayley experienced this, she loves it!  She just happens to be an animal lover, so this attraction is the perfect one for her.  The only thing that I think would make it better in her mind would be if the princesses rode along with her!

What is your favorite animal to see along the safari?


DisneyBabies said...

Love LOVE the Safari! We rode it twice last trip.. I'm with you - Giraffes all the way!

Natalie said...

Beth, these photos are beautiful! Great job!