Friday, August 5, 2011

100 Things to Do in Disney #87 ~ Going for a Spin (through the Years) at the Mad Tea Party

I am sharing #87 in our series 100 Things to Do in Disney - The Mad Tea Party, as part of Magical Days with Mouse's Disney Flashback Fridays hosted by Sarah.  This is one of Hayley's most favorite attractions in the Magic Kingdom and is a close second to Prince Charming's Regal Carousel.  It is also one of the first attractions I remember from my very first trip to Walt Disney World in 1986.

When my parents decided to take my brother and I to Walt Disney World, we purchased one guidebook before leaving home and that was it.  We didn't have my now color coded Excel spreadsheet or daily itinerary.  There were no dining reservations.  We just showed up and had a great family trip.  Of course, at that time, there was only the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. 

On our very first day of the trip, we made our way over to the Magic Kingdom.  We were in such awe walking around the park that not until we made it all the way to the tea cups did it hit us that we should probably experience an attraction.  How we passed so many attractions and never experienced them, I'll never know.  It's funny because we rode the tea cups that trip when I was just 13 and I never did again until I had children.  Either way, it is always the one I remember as being my first Walt Disney World attraction.

Here we are through the years at the Mad Tea Party:

My dad, my brother and me ~ October 1986

Joey was a little young for the Mad Tea Party on his first trip, but here he is near the Mad Tea Party:
Joey and Grampa outside of the Mad Tea Party ~ February 2006

Joey's 1st spin:
Grampa, Pierre and Joey ~ October 2008

Hayley's and Emily's 1st Spin:
Joey, Grampa, Emily and Hayley ~ March 2010

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Is the Mad Tea Party a "must do" attraction for your family?


Magical Days with the Mouse said...

This is such a cute flashback!! That one of you is ADORABLE. I thought you were going to have crazy high hair or something the way you were talking on twitter. LOL. :)

Mouse Fan Diane said...

What a great picture of you in 1986, and I love the before of you and the after of the kids. Great ride one of my favorites, I'm usually very dizzy after it, LOL.. My first was a year after you 1987..

Diane @ Can Do It MOM

Aljon Go said...

The Teacups are very memorable and like the carousel a MUST DO for the family scrapbook!

Heidi said...

Awesome pictures! Your dad seriously hasn't changed! I love that!

Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

Thanks, everyone!

Sarah - If I were standing in this photo, I am wearing red, white and blue short shorts - oh to have those legs again! LOL! Plus, I thought I had braces then, but I had just gotten them off. I was down to just my retainer. :-)

Heidi - I swear my dad hasn't aged at all. He turned 60 this year and you would never know it!

Disney on Wheels said...

I LOVE the photo, you were so cute! And I love seeing your kids first spin, so sweet! :)

Debs said...

I love these pics. It's so great that you have them all through the years. Wonderful memories! Your Dad does look great for his age! I know because I am his age, lol! It's the Disney spirit!

Bird said...

I love that your dad is in all the pics. I would love to get my dad to Disney, but I don't see it happening... Love the photos!