Saturday, August 6, 2011

100 Things to Do in Disney #86 ~ Create Your Own Mr. Potato Head

Today I am sharing #86 in our series 100 Things to Do in Disney, and this is one of Hayley's favorite things.  Hayley absolutely loves Mr. Potato Head, so every trip we must make a stop at Once Upon a Toy for the Create-Your-Own Potato Head Center.  I believe we might just have every single possible Potato Head outfit you can purchase, so when we go to Once Upon a Toy, she can find some Disney themed outfits that we can't purchase here at home.  Even better, if you haven't been to Once Upon a Toy, there is a set up right in the center of the first room you enter, where kids can create their own Potato Heads.  Of course, the goal for Disney is to get you purchase the pieces, but this particular spot is a great place for Hayley to just play.  On our last trip, we purchased the pieces to create Tinker Bell, Darth Vader, Minnie Mouse and Sorcerer Mickey Potato Heads.  There are plenty of characters to choose from, and Hayley tells me she can't wait to go back to buy more Disney outfits, Joey let her know that he think the she should buy some Star Wars outfits too! 

Emily was just tall enough last trip to join in the
fun. This year, she should have no problem
reaching all the pieces she wants.
March 2010
When I went in 2010, it was about $20 to buy a box to fill with the Potato Head pieces.  Luckily, for us, we have plenty of the potatoes heads at home, so we just filled the box with accessories.  If you pack it just right, you can fit plenty of things in there. One little tip though, bring a potato from home.  Last trip, Hayley picked out all the pieces and we had no potato to put them on.  It was not fun to buy all the brand new things that she couldn't play with!  Another tip, when filling the box, we make sure you can close the box.  The first time we purchased this, I was trying to be so careful about making sure I could close the lid.  The Cast Member let me know not to worry about it, and she had Hayley add a few more items to the box.  But this last trip, we were told the box has to close all the way.  I am not sure if it a policy change or just that it was different cat members, but something to keep in mind if you are purchasing a box of Potato Head pieces.

Do you make sure to stop at this spot?  Even if you don't purchase any of the pieces, if your child loves to play with Mr. Potato Head, this is the place!  Of all the things to look forward to in Disney, this is definitely one of Hayley's favorites!


Kelly said...

We just LOVE this!! Love your pics!

Beth Green said...

great tip!! I had forgotten about this kiosk! This is now added to my list for Sept. I don't know how we'll fit all my "to dos" in this trip!!!

Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

Thanks, Kelly & Beth! Hayley plays with our Mr. Potato Heads everyday. Then she decorates the house with them. I find them on booshelves, in our rooms,on the kitchen counters, so this is ideal for her. Plus, even if we don't buy a box of pieces, it is some fun free play time.

Bird said...

Bubby never did get into the potato head. We have the Toy Story set as well as some others and he never touches them... not sure why...