Monday, August 22, 2011

100 Things to Do in Disney #75 & #74 ~ Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party & HalloWishes

October 2008, Magic Kingdom
Today I am sharing #75 & #74 in our countdown series, 100 Things to Do in Disney.  Here it is, the big news - we have purchased tickets for the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.  Honestly, if you knew us, this news would shock you.  I have always said there is no way I would pay that much money just to go to a Halloween Party.  Well, I was wrong and here's how it all happened.

The other night, Pierre and I were sitting in our family room and started discussing how big our kids are getting and how quickly they are growing up.  This discussion then of course turned to Disney and what great ages the kids will be on this upcoming trip.  Add to it, we have had a recent breakthrough with a health issue we have been struggling with for three years with Hayley and are just thrilled that we have been able to conquer that now before she starts kindergarten and before we head to Disney.  I think at some point I probably was a little teary-eyed thinking of how great our kids are and how quickly time is passing by.  Then, it was said, the one statement that always seems to push my emotional mom button - you never know when we will be able to do this with our kids again.  Well, that did it, I went into number crunching mode.  How could we afford Mickey's Not So scary Halloween Party?  What if we never have the opportunity to go again at Halloween time?

So Pierre and I sat down and looked over our tentative itinerary.  We looked at the night my parents would be out at the anniversary dinner.  Since making our itinerary, we have been on the fence as to what we want to do with the kids that night.  We didn't want to do something that would leave my parents out, but yet, we wanted to do something the kids would love.  I know my parents would never go to the Halloween party.  So in the end we canceled two sit down dinners that we weren't so sure about anyways and we purchased the tickets with our Disney Visa Rewards dollars.  So there it is, a mom emotional about her kids growing up too quickly made an impulse purchase that cost us $287.  I must admit, from what I have read online, I have not one ounce of regret and cannot wait!  We will take full advantage of what Walt Disney World has to offer, because, though I do not regret our decision for this trip, I am pretty sure this will be a once in a lifetime event.

So for our countdown . . .

#75 Characters in Halloween Costumes ~ I cannot wait to see the characters dressed up in their Halloween costumes.  This to me is going to be a great opportunity for some some fun photo opportunities with the kids.  The kids have already determined we should all be Toy Story characters - apparently they feel I will make a good Jessie and Pierre will be the perfect Buzz Lightyear.  Hayley wants to be Bo Peep and has somehow convinced Emily she should be a sheep.  Emily has agreed though, I don't see her dressing as anything except a princess.  Joey has said he will be Zurg or Woody.  Of course, it is just August, so we will see what happens as we turn the corner to our trip.  Even better, when I posted last week about Hayley wanting to meet Flynn Rider, who may no longer be at the Magic Kingdom meet and greet, Christina from the blog Disney in our Blood left a comment that he would be at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party - fingers crossed we see him!  Thanks for the tip, Christina!

#74 HalloWishes ~ I love the nighttime fireworks display Wishes.  I am really looking forward to seeing how they change it up for Halloween!

So, even though we usually have a Disney vacation on a tight budget, we were able to sacrifice a few things to make this work.  I really cannot wait to see how the kids react! 

Will you be attending Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party this year?  What is your best tip for first timers to make sure we have a great time and take advantage of all that the party has to offer us?  I would love to hear about your experiences!


Delightfully Disney said...

Yay! You will not regret it! I think this is the best event at WDW!!! I cannot wait for our trip this year, and I think you feel the exact same!

Crystal and Bryan - said...

You will NOT regret going to MNSSHP! Easily the best time we've ever had in the Magic Kingdom. You'll be singing the Boo to You parade song for months afterwards!

Kathy said...

Perhaps Emily could be the princess of sheep?? LOL Our family was fortunate to have been able to attend MNSSHP on Halloween Night in 2009; I know you will have a blast!

Disney on Wheels said...

I am so excited for you! We will be at MNSSHP for the first time this trip and I cannot wait! I can't wait to see all of you dressed up. :)

Kelly said...

GREAT CHOICE!!! I have to say that MNSSHP is the BEST Disney celebration! I cannot wait to hear what you think about it. We are going on 10/6 how about you???