Saturday, July 2, 2011

Disney The Princess and the Frog Soundtrack Review

Disney music is something we listen to everyday.  If we aren't listening to Sorcerer Radio, we are most likely listening to one of our many Disney CDs, which range from park music to movie soundtracks to Disney compilations.  I've already written about my favorites in my post Music to My Ears~Disney Music That Is!  But today I am sharing a family favorite - the soundtrack to Disney The Princess and the Frog.  My children like this soundtrack so much that I had to make a copy of it just for our car.  Joey, Hayley and Emily know all the words to every song, and as soon as the music comes on, they start dancing!

Here is the playlist:
1. Never Knew I Needed
2. Down in New Orleans (prologue)
3. Down in New Orleans
4. Almost There
5. Friends on the Other Side (referred to as the Shadow Man song by Emily)
6. When We're Human (referred to as the Louis Song by all my kids and their favorite)
7. Gonna Take You There
8. Ma Belle Evangeline
9. Dig a Little Deeper (referred to as the Mama Odie song)
10. Down in New Orleans (Finale)

Songs 11-17 are different scores throughout the movie.

If you want to hear clips of each of the songs, head over to the The Princess and the Frog Soundtrack listing on the Disney site. 

This soundtrack is so uplifting that you can hardly keep yourself from smiling and dancing from beginning to end. My kids actually listen to the entire soundtrack except the first song by Ne-Yo.  In all honesty, I must admit that song, though I like it, doesn't seem to fit with the sound of the rest of the soundtrack and may have been better placed at the end.  Otherwise, this is a great collection of turn of the century jazz, as well as cajun, sounding music.  In my opinion, another success for Randy Newman.  If you don't already have this as part of your music collection, I highly recommend it!

Which Disney soundtrack is a family favorite of yours?

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