Sunday, June 12, 2011

We Pursued and We Found the Magic

We kicked off this week with some unusually hot weather for New Hampshire - it was in the 90s a couple days in a row!  We normally don't hit those temperatures until July if we hit them at all during the summer!  On Tuesday, as we sat outside on our deck, Pierre says to me, "All we need now is some music piped in from the Caribbean [Beach Resort]."  I knew I had him converted to a Disney fan, but now it is really official ~ he is thinking Disney during everyday moments! I was very proud to say the least, and even more surprised that he would have thought something Disney before I did!

On Monday, was the premiere of the very first episode of HGTV's My Yard Goes Disney.  Since the Bruins were on that night, I had to DVR it but was able to watch it Tuesday morning.  I loved the first episode and look forward to this week's, in which I believe they are creating an Animal Kingdom/Safari themed yard.

For Wordless Wednesday, I joined Deb over at Focused on the Magic for her Wordless Wednesday Hop ~ Disney Style.  Emily just loves Joey and Hayley's Toy Story friends!

On Thursday, I shared my thoughts on some of the Disney moments I thought would be highlights of my children's first trips to Walt Disney World that weren't quite what I expected.  I realized that some of my favorite Disney memories happen at some of the most unexpected moments.

On Friday, I shared my one Disney "must do" for each and every trip, which has become a family tradition for us.

For all you Lego fans, I recently found that the WalMart near us has put all their Toy Story 3 Lego sets in the clearance section.  I was able to pick up a few sets for a good price:

  • Construct-A-Buzz $12
  • Construct-A-Zurg $12
  • Army Men on Patrol $7
  • Woody's Round Up $35
  • Trash Compactor Escape $35 (I didn't purchase this one, but it was also in the clearance section)

For all you Cars fans, as you probably know, Cars 2 is coming to theaters soon, and we can't wait!  If you are looking to redesign a room with a Cars theme, feel free to check out my post Joey's Cars Room to see what we did. On the topic of Cars, we have already picked up several of the diecast Cars from Cars 2.  It seems like we just finished collecting all the diecast Cars from the first movie and Mater's Tall Tales, and now we are starting over for Cars 2!  Let the obsession to collect them all begin!

How did you find Disney magic this week?  I would love to hear about it!


Stephanie said...

I didn't know that hgtv show existed! Thanks...i jyst went and set my dvr!

Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

Last week, Stephanie, they created a Pixie Hollow type play area with a train through a family's yard! It was so neat. I look forward to what ideas the series is going to bring us!

Kelly said...

I enter the contest daily for the HGTV show!!