Sunday, June 5, 2011

We Pursued and We Found the Magic

As always, it was a busy week here at home.  I had my 20th high school reunion, which I must admit snuck up on me.  It is hard to believe that I graduated 20 years ago.  The school I attended does an amazing weekend long schedule of events for alumni of all years.  One of the things I organize for the weekend of events is an alumni soccer game in honor of one of my teammates who passed away in 2007 of leukemia.  Her mom, sister, husband and son all attend the event every year.  It is a family fun soccer game, so all kids, including mine can participate.  The best part about this year's game was Diane's son scored the winning goal.  Diane is someone I lost contact with, and that is something I really regret.  So if there is someone out there you think it is too late to get back in contact with, I say don't wait.  You just never know.

There was a lot of Disney things happening here this week:

For Wordless Wednesday, I shared a photo of Joey wearing his first Mickey Ears, which he was not nearly as excited about that moment as I was!

On Thursday, I continued my series of In Flight Fun for the Kids posts with Leap Frog Tag Reader, an easy to pack and fun to use toy for the flight to Walt Disney World.

On Friday I participated in Destination Disney over at Heidi's Reviews & Reflections.  The topic of the week ~ My Kids' Favorite Disney Memories.  I was a little surprised, as usual, by what my kids had to say!

Also, Friday night I logged into WDW After Dark, a vidcast for Disney discussions geared more toward the adult side of Disney.  If you haven't checked it out, I highly recommend you do.  It is a lot of fun!

This week, I have also started some plans for Hayley's Little Mermaid birthday party coming up in July.  Since my two nephews will be here from Texas to help celebrate, we have also decided to include some pirate elements to the party, including a Golden Doubloons Treasure Hunt.  I've already started designing the cake and creating a treasure map of our yard.  Since Hayley has had already had two Ariel parties so far, I am trying to come up with something different.  Over the next few weeks, I'll keep you updated on my party finds and plans.

How did you find Disney magic this week?  I would love to hear about it!

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