Thursday, June 2, 2011

In Flight Fun for the Kids ~ Leap Frog Tag Reader

I read to my children every night and have since the day they were born.  Reading is something that I have always loved and hope to instill that same love of reading in my children.  So a few years ago when my mom gave the kids a Leap Frog Tag Reader, I was a little skeptical.  Why did I need something that reads stories to my children?  Well, my skepticism is gone because I quickly realized it does so much more than read stories.

I've added this in my series of articles about things that are great for flights because it is small, easy to carry and we can bring a selection of books without overwhelming our carry on.  Plus, you can use headphones with it.  This is a great feature since I try to be very respectful of other passengers by not having toys that make a lot of noise. 

Joey's Favorites
We have a large selection of Tag books, which include titles from Disney, Star Wars, Dr. Seuss, learn to read phonics books and many other popular characters.  My kids love it so much that last year when I saw one in the clearance section at Toys R Us, I had to buy it, so we now have two.  One reader has all our Disney stories on it and the other has all the educational books and maps on it (the maps are great but not for a carry on!).  Even better, you can purchase the books just about anywhere.  Once you purchase the book, you connect your Tag reader to your computer, go to the Leap Frog site and download the audio.  Each reader is limited to how many stories you can add, but both of ours hold a significant amount.

For each story, your child has many options.  They can have the Tag Reader read just a page of the story at a time, the entire story (and gives cues when to turn the page), or they can play a game.  For example, in the Toy Story 3 book, when you select "game" on the first page, it prompts you to select the character you would like to have as a moving buddy and then gives you a nickname.  If you choose Woody, your nickname will be "Partner."  I won't give them away, but there are eight characters to choose from.  As you go through the story, you can use the Tag Reader to touch different characters or parts of the picture, and it will respond with a sound effect or a phrase the character would say to go along with the story.  So, your child can listen to the story and play the games to bring the story and characters to life.

This is an easy and fun interactive toy we will definitely be packing in our carry ons!  For more information and a demo of the Toy Story 3 book, you can check out Leap Frog Tag Learning System

This is the Tag Reader with a typical menu found on the inside cover
of the Tag books. This particular one is from Toy Story 3.

Do you already have a Tag Reader?  What do you think of it?

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Lynn said...

We've got a Tag Reader and love it!! Our boys have gotten several years of use out of it which is something that I love! :)

Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

I love Leap Frog products. We have three small children and they have lasted through all three children. They create great quality products!

Beth Green said...

OK... what age is this for?? I love it, but think C (2 1/2) may still be too young???

Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

Emily has been using since she was two. The first couple of times I used it with her was very supervised, but she picked up quickly. There is also a Tag Junior one, but since he is already 2.5 I would go with the Tag Reader. Even better they have books at different levels too - 4to 6 and 6 to 8. The Car 2 book is coming out soon and I just saw they also have a Tinkerbell/Fairies Puzzle book.

DisneyBabies said...

We actually have one my husband found on (a daily deals sight) but it's still a good bit mature for our 18 month old.. eventually!

Anonymous said...

For the poster who worried that their child was too young - I think Tag Books tend to fall in the 4-8 year old age range. For your 2 1/2 year old you might want to opt for the Tag Jr. instead. It's very similar to the Tag but the books are of the hardier "board book" style and the content is geared to the 2-4 year old range. Great stuff!

Amy - TheInfoMouse said...

This brings back many memories of my mom reading to me as a child. I loved it and hope to read to my children someday. It's great that there are nifty gadgets, like these, out there now.. so high tech! Great post :)