Thursday, June 9, 2011

High Expectations for Perfect Disney Moments or Just Right?

With some quick moves & help
from my mom, this was the best
picture we were able to get!
Every time I post a Wordless Wednesday entry, I have to force myself to keep it wordless.  But I decided that my Wordless Wednesday entry from last week - Joey's 1st Mickey Ears - has made me think back a lot about the expectations I have had as a mom for certain Disney moments with my kids.  There are a couple of specific moments I remember thinking were going to be the highlight of our trips, but then they really fell well short of my expectations.  Of course, our trips have always been amazing, but I was wondering if anyone else ever felt like I have in the same situations.

Joey's first trip to Walt Disney World was in 2006 when he was 14 months.  Having been in a position that I really thought I wasn't even going to be able to have children, his first trip was in the making the day I found out I was pregnant.  I had all these visions of these perfect memorable moments we would experience together.  Though there were many moments of that trip that were just perfect and over 5 years later are still some of my favorite Disney memories, there is one that just didn't turn out the way I expected.  One of the first things we did upon entering Magic Kingdom was to purchase Joey his first pair of Mickey Ears.  I could not wait to see his cute little face, framed by Main Street and Cinderella's Castle in the background, proudly wearing his Mickey Ears (this was my vision for the first picture of him wearing his Mickey Ears).  My camera was ready for the big grin I just knew he was going to give me.  Well, that isn't quite what happened.  We showed him the Mickey Ears, which he grabbed and put in his mouth.  Then, once I took them from his mouth he reached for them again, held onto them for a moment and then dropped them (I know, gasp!) onto the ground.  Trying to put them on his head was no easy feat either, though he quickly removed them as soon as I had them on. So this perfect Disney moment didn't quite turn out as expected, but it is still a moment I remember vividly.  Of course, being almost six months pregnant for Hayley at the time, my emotions were probably running a little higher than normal!

This was not the expression I was
expecting from Hayley!
In 2008, we took all three children to Walt Disney World for Hayley and Emily's first trip.  Hayley was just two at the time and loved anything that had to do with princesses - costumes, stories, movies, and music.  I knew our most memorable moment was going to be when Hayley saw the castle.  I could envision her big smile, eyes sparkling and lots of excited giggles.  As we came under the train station onto Main Street, I went ahead of my family so that I could get the perfect picture of Hayley's expression as she saw the castle.  Well, as my dad pointed out the castle to her (she was busy looking in every direction at once to take everything in), she didn't say or do anything.  My mom then asked her what she thought and all she said was, "Castle."  No big grin, no sparkling eyes, nothing.  I took a few pictures, but the expression does not show anything other than a little girl who saw so much, she couldn't focus on anything.  Much to my relief, the next day when we went back to Magic Kingdom, she had the exact expression I had been looking for, only this time my camera was not ready! 

Of course, this isn't me complaining, because though these moments weren't what I thought they would be, there are so many more memories of things I never expected would become as special as they have.  Besides, if I have learned anything since being a mom, when it comes to the kids, nothing is a given!  I can rarely predict what they are going to do or how they will react to something.  This post was more my curiosity to see if I was the only Disney "nut" this has happened to! 

Have you ever envisioned a Disney moment that you believed was going to be the perfect Disney memory that turned out completely the opposite?  Or, is there something in Disney you had a low expectation for, but it turned out to be one of your favorite Disney memories?


Bird said...

Well that's an easy one to answer!! My biggest "let down" of a magical Disney moment I had envisioned, was acually telling my daughter we were going to Disney. She's talked about going to Disney for four years now. I had two people recording her for the big surprise... and nothing. No jumping up and down, no excited screaming and giggling... just shock... If you missed the video it can be found here

So yes, I know exactly what you mean!

Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

I just watched it! First, your daughter is adorable! I don't know how I missed this video! I have had been keeping up with your trip progress and voted in the poll. Well, I am relieved to see that I am not the only one who has high hopes for perfect Disney moments!

Bird said...

Thanks so much, Beth! And no, you certainly aren't the only one!

Uncle Servo said...

For me, a "perfect" Disney moment isn't planned or expected. It's quite the opposite in fact -- it's when something happens out of the clear blue that you'd never have seen coming but makes your day (or your child's).

Kelly said...

Beth I really enjoyed your post today!! I can totally relate. Two years ago we surprised the kids the day we were going to WDW. They thought that we were taking my parents to the airport to go to Vegas and when we got there we told them that we were in fact going to WDW. My middle son cried and would not get out of the car...he was calling us liars and I have it all on tape. Now when we watch it it is very cute but at the time I was terribly upset.

Beth Green said...

Yup. Been there. I thought C would LOVE eating with Pooh and TIgger... WRONG! He was terrified. He eventually warmed up, but my expectations were shot. :(

Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

I have to say, I am happy to read I am not alone! But each of the stories everyone shared here broke my heart because I could absolutely picture myself doing the same thing, so excited, grinning ear to ear to do something I thought they would love, to have my kids absolutely react the opposite way!

It took three kids to realize that I can never predict what they are going to do! But that doesn't mean i am going to stop trying! LOL!

Aesha said...

I can totally understand what you are talking about. I have taken my two boys(now 13 and 15) to Disney several times. The first time they were 3 and 5 and I was expecting them to be amased at everything. I had shown them videos of when I went when I was a kid and my 5 year old loved it so I was excited to show him all the fun things I did when I was a child. Well we got there the first day and I got a stroller for the 3 year old but the 5 year old complained that he was tired of walking and wanted to ride like his brother. The whole trip they did nothing but complain about everything, the long lines, the heat and all they really wanted to do was go back to the hotel and get in the pool. So that first trip was a bust and a dissapointment, they complained so much I didn't even enjoy myself and we actually cut our trip short by 2 days. The second time I took them they were a bit older, I believe 10 and 8 but things didn't change much. They still complained about the heat and long lines and only wanted to stay in the pool. I got smart this time and I actually planned a day or two where we did nothing but explore the hotel and loung in the pool but that wasn;t enough for them, they didn't want to have anything to do with Disney and the heat. The last time I took them it was at the request of my youngest son for his 12th birthday which is in December. I figured since he made such a fuss about wanting to go that we would actually enjoy ourselves this time boy was I wrong. This time they did want to go into a couple of the parks, they wanted to ride Test Track. But they didn't want to do any other park but Epcot. I talked them into going to Hollywood Studios and my youngest son loved that but was disappointed when Toy Story Mania broke down after we waited in line for over an hour. I have learned my lesson with my kids, they just aren't Disney freaks like I am and I will probably not take them back again. I enjoy going to Disney with first time friends and also plan to go at least once just by myself.