Friday, June 24, 2011

Disney-Pixar Cars Week Day #5 ~ Enjoy the Ride

I had a completely different post set up for today, but yesterday something happened, and I decided to push the original post to Saturday, so that I could share this.

Today, of course, is the release of Disney-Pixar's Cars 2 movie.  We will be heading to the matinee at 1 pm, and I can hardly wait!  To get ourselves in the spirit of things, we watched the first Cars movie yesterday as a family.  When the movie was over we explored a few of the bonus features on the Cars Blu-ray.  I don't know why I hadn't watched this bonus feature before, but Inspiration for Cars caught my eye. 

This bonus feature includes the story of how Cars came to be - the events and people who inspired the story.  But for me, most importantly, it was the heartwarming personal story of John Lasseter that tugged at my heart strings.  Maybe it was that we were celebrating Joey's kindergarten graduation or just the connection I made with John Lasseter's realization about family and how fast time goes by, but his interview for the piece really touched my heart. The story of Lightning McQueen is a favorite of mine, but after seeing the back story of how this was created and how it reflects John Lasseter's path in life, it makes it all that more meaningful.  So, if you haven't watched this bonus feature, I highly recommend it. 

I know sometimes I can lose sight of what is really important in my attempt to get everything done that needs to be done.  My children are growing up much too fast, and it would be easy to let that time get past me.  But it is so important to realize that life is the journey and how we get where we want to go is what's important.  Those are the moments we remember and cherish the most.  As John Lasseter says in the clip, "enjoy the ride." 

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