Thursday, June 23, 2011

Disney-Pixar Cars Week Day #4 ~ A Library of Cars Friends

One of my favorite things to do with my children is read.  My husband and I have read to our children every night since they were newborns.  Over the years we have come across quite a collection of Cars books, and I thought I would share some of our favorites.  The links in the story titles will take you to either Barnes and Noble or the company that sells the specific book.

World of Cars
Have you ever wondered where the townsfolk of Radiator Springs were before arriving in this small town?  Well, wonder no more!  World of Cars has five different chapters and each is dedicated to a different character and where they were before arriving in Radiator Springs.  You learn about Mater, Doc Hudson, Flo and Guido & Luigi.  There is even one chapter dedicated to learning how Lightning McQueen came to be sponsored by Rust-eze. 

Mater Saves Christmas
In this very entertaining Christmas story, the townsfolk of Radiator Springs worry that Christmas isn't going to happen because someone has been stealing all the fuel.  Mater saves the day by making his way to the North Pole and assisting Santa Car.  This story is really heartwarming and Mater even sings some Cars-themed Christmas carols, such Frosty the Snow Plow and Ol' Timing Belt.  I was even able to find a set of diecast cars to go along with the story!

(This link will take you to the Random House site where you can see the books for each level, as well as the skills readers will need for each level)
Random House has a great selection of Cars books in their Step Into Reading series.  It is a fun way to encourage your child to learn to read with stories that include their favorite characters.

(There is also a 1st Look and Find version-ours isn't pictured here because it has been worn out from overuse!)
All of my children happen to love I Spy books, so when I found this Cars themed Look and Find book, I knew we had to have it.  What I really like is that each page has a list of things to find, but at the end of the book, it has extra challenges for each page.  My kids love this, and since we also have the over sized version, they can all work on it together.

This is by far one of Joey's favorites of his Cars books.  It comes with a flashlight that also makes different sounds throughout the story.  There are 5 sound icons.  As you see them in the book, you press the matching picture on the flashlight.  It is also a pop-up book.  You use the flashlight on some pages to create images up on the wall.  It is very interactive, which I love.

Well, there is our Cars library.  Do you have a favorite Cars story?  Feel free to share it in a comment.  I am always looking to add books to our collection!

If you missed any of my Cars Week posts, here's a quick recap:
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I have shared a lot of ways to incorporate Cars at home this week, but if you head over to Amanda at the Disney Go To Girl, you will see how you can get into the Cars spirit while in Walt Disney World in her post Inspired by Disney Pixar's Cars 2? Walt Disney "Wheels" - Resort Steers Guests to High Octane, Gear-Spinning Good Times. 

Only one more day until Cars 2 is in theaters!  I can't wait (but you probably already knew that)!


Bird said...

What a collection! I must find the 1st Look and Find for my little guy. He'll love it! I always love your blog, but this week has been so fun!!

Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

I found that at Kohl's when it was on sale and I had a coupon, so I was able to get it really cheap! My kids love it. There is actually a lot of Disney ones with the same format.

DisneyBabies said...

We love the step into reading books.. we have a cars one and a nemo one.