Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Disney-Pixar Cars 2 Poll

I was really excited to take the kids to go see Disney Pixar's Cars 2 movie in the theater.  We are huge fans of the first movie.  Plus, my children have never been to see a movie in an actual theater.  Leading up to the day we went, I tried to avoid reading any reviews, though I did read the mumblings out there about it not being so great.  I didn't let this get me down though.

Though Cars 2 did not have the emotional piece that the first one did, I still really enjoyed it.  My kids loved it, with Joey giving it a thumbs up and Hayley calling it her favorite movie.  I really missed seeing Doc Hudson in the movie, and I loved the reference to him at the beginning. 

I thought I would post a poll to see just what everyone thought about it.  Cast your vote in the poll to the right and let me know what you think!

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Mickey said...

I'm like you, Beth, I liked it but thought the first was better. Still, I would see it again (and again and again and again...)

CaseyluvsDisney said...

I liked it but the first was better and it isn't my favorite Pixar movie but I think it's better than the critics have made it out to be

Amy - The Info Mouse said...

Hi Beth - I voted haven't seen it yet! Enjoyed the poll :)

Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

Mickey - We deinitely be purchasing it when it comes out on Blu-ray and I am sure having our usual family movie night to welcome it to our family collection! LOL!

Casey - I absolutely agree! I think that some of the criticisms I've read seemed a little harsh.

Amy - I hope you get to go see it soon! It definitely was fun! :-) Thanks for voting!

Ashley said...

Hi, I am a new follower from the blog hop! I can't wait to go see Cars 2. Did you go with the traditional movie or 3D? I would really like to see it 3D because to be honest other than rides at Disney I have never watched a 3D movie! I am a bit behind on that right! :D

Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

Welcome, Ashley! We did the regular, but only because my three little ones wouldn't probably handle the 3D very well. I would love to see it in 3D though, and I have read that the effects for Cars 2 are great.