Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cars Week Day #2 ~ Summertime Fun with Lightning McQueen and Friends

Cars 2 Bathing Suit
Lightning McQueen is a character that, right now, you can find just about anywhere.  Today I am going to focus on my finds for some summer time fun.

I am excited to report that Wal-Mart has quite a selection of Cars 2 bathing suits.  Last year, I could not find a Cars bathing suit in Joey's size, but this year, he had 8 different suits to choose from!  I saw sizes that ranged from 12 months to size 8.  For $9, Joey now has a Mater and Finn McMissile Special Mission bathing suit for the summer.  Even better, it should fit him through our October trip to Walt Disney World too!

One of my favorite spots to find Disney toys, cards, games and books is our local Dollar Store.  With the release of Cars coming up in just a few days, they had an entire selection of Cars 2 products.  Here are a few of the products we saw:

Cars Beach Ball
Cars Arm Floaties
Cars Inflatable Surfboard
Lightning McQueen Water Gun
Lightning McQueen Bubble Wand with Bubbles

Cars Beach Ball (Boost is on the other side)

Cars Inflatable Surfboard
For only a dollar, I have no problem buying these for the kids.  These are the items I do not like to spend a lot on because they are all the things that are easily broken or popped.  (For you non-Cars fans, I will be sharing all the Tinker Bell and Disney Princess outdoor items I found next week!).  This week I am hoping to make the trek down to Target (over 45 minutes from here) because they have all sorts of Cars items on sale (this link will take you to Target's sales flyer for this week - too many Cars items to list!), including the one thing I really want to get Joey - Cars diving sticks.  He is learning to swim underwater, and though he has had fun diving for our princess diving sticks, I think he deserves some Cars ones!

In addition to the summer items, we also picked up a Cars 2 sticker book with a few packs of stickers.  We already have the sticker book called "World of Cars," though we are missing a few stickers from it, since they have stopped selling the stickers.  But the first sticker book was a great introduction to all the Cars from the first movie.  I am looking forward to gathering all the stickers for the Cars 2 version!

If you missed Day #1 of Cars week, I shared Joey's Cars bedroom makeover.

For the rest of the week, I will be featuring a lot of Cars things we find here around our house, details of our Cars 2 kindergarten graduation party for Joey, our library of Cars books, our Cars Wii Games and much more.  I'm quickly realizing I shoud have started this last week, since I have at least two weeks worth of posts just about Cars items!

Don't forget, Cars 2 will be in theaters on Friday, June 24th!  I can't wait!


Debs @Focused on the Magic said...

Joey is just so adorable!! Love that you're able to find fun summers things at the Dollar Store. The excitement for Cars is building....

Bird said...

I agree, he's too cute! Great finds! Thanks for sharing them!

Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

Joey is a funny little guy. He never wants his picture taken, so as I was putting the things out to take pictures, he asked if he could put on his new bathing suit and show off all the Cars things. I was absolutely shocked, but very excited! LOL! The Dollar Store has quickly become a favorite shopping spot for us.

Amy - TheInfoMouse said...

Your Cars theme is great! I'm so excited about Lightning McQueen coming to Lights, Motors, Action!

Mrs. Mommy MouseEars said...

LOL about the dive sticks! Making little boys dive for princesses..tsk tsk :) You're right, he deserves better!! Adorable boy and very cute gear. Thanks for posting all the finds!

Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

Luckily, Joey is a good sport about the Princess sticks, though I think he just gets them so he can get them before his sisters!