Monday, March 28, 2011

Mouse of Zen and My Two Princesses

A haiku from the book Mouse of Zen and my personal Disney memory to interpret it. 

baby steps to dreams
closer to becoming my
wish of a princess
~Mouse of Zen

Growing up I wasn't a girly girl or a tomboy.  I fell somewhere right in the middle of that.  I loved my dolls, but many times they found their way to my brother's Ewok Village or Millenium Falcon or even his Tonka trucks.  I loved the Disney princess stories, but I was never one to dress up.  Now as a mom of two girls, I have a new love of the princesses.  Both my daughters love wearing their Disney princess gowns.  On our last trip to Walt Disney World, we decided that it was time to take them to their first princess dinner.  Hayley was just three and a half and dressed as Princess Aurora.  Emily was just two and dressed as Snow White. 

We were eating dinner at Akershus in the Norway Pavilion in Epcot.  As soon as the princesses came into sight, the girls started chattering away in excitement.  Of course, the princesses had several tables to go before making it to us.  Emily and Hayley waved everytime they thought a princess was looking our way.  When the princesses arrived, my daughters were beyond thrilled.  But the most special moment happened when Aurora visited our table.

She began commenting on Hayley's Sleeping Beauty dress.  She mentioned how Flora, Fauna and Merriweather must have been so busy making dresses for both of them.  Then, she mentioned that Hayley's had a bow, unlike hers.  The two of them talked back and forth like they had been friends forever.  Sleeping Beauty made Hayley's night, and even now when Hayley talks about our princess dinner, she talks about bringing a bow for Aurora on our next trip so she can add it to her dress.

It is moments like these I cherish the most from our trips to Walt Disney World.  Not only the interaction between the two, but it shows the connection Hayley made and the fact that she wants to return to Akershus to personally deliver a pink bow to Sleeping Beauty.  When I read this Mouse of Zen haiku, this special Disney moment immediately came to mind. 


Kimberly Hill said...

Such a precious memory! I love having a Princess of my own to enjoy the Disney magic.

Jodi Whisenhunt said...

Oh, that is so sweet! My daughter is 7 now and no longer dresses up, but she still looooves the princesses!!! She's usually just speechless when they're "real" :) Cute story and beautiful haiku!

DebºoºS said...

Oh how precious! Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful magical memory and with a lovely haiku:)

Heidi said...

We did the BREAKFAST at Akershus in Norway - it was WONDERFUL. I love the interaction with the princesses.

Beth Green said...

so sweet! Unless I can get one of my boys to dress as a princess, I will never have this experience! I'll have to live through your girls! :)

Mouse Of Zen said...

Thanks for the blog! Hope your readers enjoyed!

Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

Thanks, everyone! We had such a great night, well until we left. But if you read my post on Akershus, you'll see our lovely princess evening ended with a full out tantrum by Emily out and about in World Showcase. It was freezing and she refused to put a coat on. She didn't want to cover up her Snow White dress! :-)

Beth G. if you are ever in WDW when we are, we'll take you with us! My son was actually there too, but refused to talk to the princesses or have his picture taken with them. Next trip, he has already let us know that he is staying with Grammie and Grampa, and Pierre and I can take the girls to a princess dinner! LOL!