Friday, February 11, 2011

Change is Coming – Are you ready? The Fantasyland Expansion Project

Being someone who loves routine and is not so great with change, I must admit I am pretty excited about the Fantasyland Expansion Project. As a mom of three little ones, there are some changes that will definitely increase the already extensive amount of time we spend in Fantasyland. You may remember in a previous post of mine, A Disney Mom’s Lesson: Quality not Quantity, I discussed that our commando park touring of our pre-children days has changed into making our way straight through the castle to Cinderella’s Royal Carousel, now named Prince Charming Regal Carousel, to ride it no less than three or four times before making our way around to other favorite attractions of our children. Now I will admit the changes I am most excited about will not be favorites of my son, but my two daughters will definitely be impressed.

First let me say that my daughters are ages four and three. They love all princesses and each of their birthdays has had a princess theme, except one, though that was Minnie Mouse, who we believe is just as special as the princesses. Of their seven combined birthdays, three have been Little Mermaid themed, which brings me to the first addition to Fantasyland that I am excited about ~ Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid. Now this will not be a thrilled ride, which is fine by me, and I have a feeling my girls are going to love this, which is why I am excited about it. Not only do Hayley and Emily love Ariel and all her friends, but they also love to sing and dance to the amazing songs of The Little Mermaid. I see this ride immediately becoming one of their favorites.

If there is one addition that I believe is by far my favorite, it is the addition of more Beauty and the Beast experiences. Beauty and the Beast is my personal favorite of all Disney movies with Belle being my favorite Disney character. Belle’s cottage will be designed to give guests the opportunity to hear Belle and other beloved characters from Beauty and the Beast tell their story in what I can only hope will be interactive, definitely entertaining and possibly include many of the wonderful songs that accompany the movie. I foresee more dancing and singing from my girls.

Even better, and I believe certainly needed in the Magic Kingdom, another restaurant called Be Our Guest Restaurant located in Beast’s castle will be added. Disney plans to use their concept of having a quick service eatery for lunch and transforming the restaurant to a table service restaurant for dinner. I look forward to experiencing this dinner. There are also plans to construct Gaston’s Tavern. Magic Kingdom does not serve alcoholic drinks, so I look forward to seeing what types of drinks this tavern will serve, though I wonder if they will use “antlers in all of the decorating?” Ok, that is a line from one of my girls’ favorite songs from the movie - I thought I’d throw that in there!

There are many other additions to Fantasyland that I really look forward to seeing, but these are the additions I think my daughters will enjoy the most. As for my son, I am not sure he is looking forward to these, but Tomorrowland Speedway, his favorite attraction, will still be there, so he will be quite happy with that! Thinking about it, I don’t know how we will ever get the girls out of Fantasyland with all these new princess experiences around!

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