Sunday, February 6, 2011

Family Fun at Beaches and Cream - The Kitchen Sink

Each of our trips to Walt Disney World, we try to do something new. This is pretty easy since there are so many experiences on Disney property we couldn’t possibly squeeze everything into one seven day visit. During our March trip, we had decided that we were going to go to Beaches and Cream over at Disney’s Beach Club to try out the Kitchen Sink. We had been saying for several trips we were going to do this and just never took the time. I had seen Samantha Brown on an episode of Great Hotels visit Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club and order a Kitchen Sink. That's when I knew that was going to be something we were going to try.

We were visiting Epcot that day, so it was very easy to get to the Beach Club. We simply exited the park through International Gateway and walked. But if you were at DHS, you could easily take the boat from DHS to the Beach Club. I love it over at the Beach Club and certainly hope to stay there one of these trips. The décor, the landscaping and of course our favorite character breakfast at Cape May Café make this one of my favorite resorts to visit.

Because we were a large group, it was a little bit of a wait. We sat outside at the tables that looked like ice cream cones along Stormalong Bay. The hostess soon came out to get us and brought us to a booth. With 4 adults and 3 children it was cozy but manageable. Joey and Hayley loved the jukebox at the table. Emily loved that the lights looked like ice cream cones. Our server, Dolores, was so fun and really great to my kids. My dad decided that he was going to order a banana split, and the rest of us ordered the Kitchen Sink.

As Dolores made her way to our table with our treats, the lights flashed and she made her announcement about the kitchen sink (see my video below). My son was not so sure about all the fanfare, if you read my previous article, The Anxious Child in Disney,  you know he is my very anxious child, but he was quite excited when he could finally dig in! This sundae was huge and is actually served in a dish shaped like a kitchen sink. We were brought individual bowls, so everyone could scoop out their favorite parts. I am not so sure any of us liked having pieces of what I think were banana bread on the sundae, but we loved every other bit of it ~ 8 scoops of ice cream, cherries, brownies, cookies, whipped cream and many other toppings that were just delicious.

I am so happy we tried this and plan to return on our next trip with my two nephews for their first Kitchen Sink! If you haven’t experienced this yet, I would highly recommend taking the time to. It was great family fun!

**This article was originally published in the WDW Daily News Newsletter #165.  My newsletter exclusive column is called Making Magical Memories.


Jason said...

Thanks for sharing Beth!

Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

Thanks for reading! I always am skeptical about sharing a link on Twitter after I completely jumped in someone's conversation, but I felt it fit! :-) Thanks for checking it out!

Lula Lola said...

This sounds like a great way to kick off our stay! Excited about that!