Thursday, December 9, 2010

Disney Magic and Holiday Magic All in One ~ The Perfect Combination

Hallmark Cars Ornament
I am very excited to write about holidays Disney-style.  As a self proclaimed Disney fanatic and Christmas fanatic, what could be better than combining Disney magic with Christmas magic?  As I made my way around my house photographing every Disney Christmas item I had, I became very excited to share all my treasures.  I actually took so many photos that I even mentioned to Natalie over at Meet the Magic that I may be able to just do a photo blog this month!  But as I was typing up my post (this is the revised one!), I realized that it wasn't very personal.  What is exciting about reading an inventory list of Disney Christmas items I owned?  So as I looked through the pictures, I decided to focus on one way we truly bring Disney magic to our home at Christmas time.

Hallmark's Little Mermaid Ornament
My parents have given me an ornament every Christmas since I was born.  It is an amazing tradition that I have continued with my own children.  The yearly ornaments represent something that has happened during the year or something special to us.  For example, this year Emily celebrated her 3rd birthday with a Princess Tiana themed party, so we bought her the Hallmark Princess Tiana Ornament, Hayley had a Little Mermaid themed party, so we purchased the Hallmark Little Mermaid Ornament (see left) and finally, since Joey is a year round Cars fanatic, we purchased him the Hallmark Cars Ornament (see left, notice the Piston Cup tree topper and the tree is actually made of Lightyear tires).  I find Hallmark always has a great selection of Disney ornaments, which is nice since we cannot make it to the parks every year.  Hallmark even has Mickey's Christmas Carol Collection, which began last year with Mickey as Bob Cratchit (see photo below).  It has been hinted that Santa just may deliver to me the second in the series ~ Scrooge McDuck as Ebenezer Scrooge.

Hallmark Mickey's Christmas Carol Collection
1st in series Mickey as Bob Cratchit
This tradition has actually carried over into our WDW vacations.  Every trip we purchase ornamaments that represent something we loved or tried on that particular vacation.  This could represent a character we met, a favorite ride or even an ornament that represents the year of someone's first visit.  We actually have collected so many Disney ornaments over the years that I have one Christmas tree completely dedicated to just Disney ornaments and another tree dedicated to all others.  As we decorate the Disney tree, we reminisce about our trips as we put each ornament on the tree.  Below is one we purchased for Joey's first trip.  He was just 14 months on his first trip to WDW and we took him to our very first character meal at Cape May Cafe. Chip and Dale played with him for most of our meal and he just loved them, so we purchased him a Chip and Dale ornament.

I find it an amazing way to keep our magical moments alive through the holiday season - maybe I should keep my Disney tree up year round?!?!  :-)

I think I could write 100s of posts dedicated to just Disney ornaments we have collected and each one's special meaning, but I will leave it at this. 

What is a Disney tradition you have that brings together Disney magic and Christmas/Holiday magic?


Kristen Hoetzel said...

Beth, I love the idea of giving an ornament every year that represents someting special. I think once we have children it will be a tradition that I'll have to borrow from you. What a fantastic idea and so special!

Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

Kristen, I am so happy my parents started this tradition. I have over 30 years of ornaments that represent some many things that I have accomplished or loved through my life. You would think that this many years later I would forget the meaning of them, but as soon as I start decorating the tree, the memories come flooding back.

I now make one whole day dedicated to decorating our tree and giving the kids their new ornaments. This year the entire day was based on How the Grinch Stole Christmas. We read the story, played a Grinch Bingo game, put together a Grinch floor puzzle, etc. We always end our trim a tree day with a nice dinner all sitting at our rarely used dining room table. The kids love it, and so do I!