Monday, October 11, 2010

Disney again???

There are two questions I am always asked when I tell my friends or family that I am planning another trip to Disney. The first one is “Disney again - haven’t you already seen it enough?” The second question is “Why are you bringing the kids, they aren’t going to remember it?”

My answer to the first one is pretty simple . . . because I love it! There is something about walking into the Magic Kingdom and making my way down Main Street. It is a true passage from reality to fantasy. All the worries of the world seem to disappear. You become completely immersed in a world of enchantment. Even after 11 trips, I still get teary-eyed when I see the castle. In all the trips I have taken, I have never had the same vacation twice. I have traveled to Disney with family, friends, for a wedding, family reunion, and to share the magic with my children. Each trip brings its own special memories and magical moments. The choices of shows, attractions and restaurants seem endless and can appease travelers with all types of interests. Who can ask more from a vacation than one filled with so many possibilities?

The second question is another easy one for me to answer. Who better to bring to Walt Disney World than someone who truly believes in the magic? My children. Disney has had a special place in my heart since my first trip in 1986, but I never realized just how special it was until I brought my own children. Their pure belief in the magic of Disney is heartwarming. Yes, they probably won’t remember it, but I will. I will always remember when we were eating breakfast at Cape May Cafe, and I told my daughter to show Minnie Mouse her Minnie shirt. My son, just three and a half years old and very shy, popped out of his seat, pulled his shirt forward and said, “Minnie, look at my shirt!” Minnie turned from my daughter and made just as big of a deal about Joey’s Lightning McQueen shirt as she did over Emily’s Minnie shirt. The fact that he is so shy and hardly speaks to the people around him everyday, but yet spoke to Minnie like he knew her his entire life, brought tears to my eyes. That is just one “magical moment” we experienced, but there are so many more I cherish from that trip.

It is those moments that keep me believing in the magic and make me realize what a great place it is for kids and adults of all ages. That is why I return to Disney World year after year and can’t imagine experiencing it without my three children. I look forward to sharing more special moments with them on our next trip.

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